8 Workouts For Better Posture

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Last updated on June 24th, 2018 at 12:23 pm

When I was a kid my mom would often pinch me on my back & tell me gently: “Fix your posture”. And then I’d do the opposite & slouch to show her who’s the boss here.

Ah, memories. All that sweet woman wanted was to make me look better and feel more confident and not like the world just wants to CRUSH me. That I should to be proud of who I am. Proud to be here.

Well at least that’s my interpretation, she always expressed it like this: “You’ll get a hunchback like your grandmother”.

Now, look at me. Trying to get a better posture after 15 years. Doing all kind of crazy stuff, because of some TED talk that taught me I’ll be an unhappy self-conscious loser if I don’t sit, stand or walk straight.

And yet, even my undeniably positive self, actually knows a good posture is a game changer. Physically of course, but to me, mostly, mentally.

Straightening your posture can make you look & FEEL a 100x better. You don’t need to be skinny, beautiful or smart. All you need to do is walk straight and pull your shoulders back. Ugh.

I wish I could do that.

Oh, wait, I actually can if I stop being a jerk.

And people have even created exercises to improve posture.


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If you’re like me and need to fix bad posture, try some of the exercise routines below. They’ll stretch you out, open your chest and strengthen your neck, shoulder and back muscles and will make you feel amazing.




8 Workouts To Improve Your Posture And Make You Feel Amazing


If you’re not feeling great about yourself today, this Confidence Boost Yoga by Yoga With Adriene might be what you need.


How to Grow Taller. Exercises for Better Posture by blogilates

Okay, so you won’t actually grow taller, but you’ll feel much better after doing this workout. There are 8 exercises, you’ll be doing each one for 1 minute.


Relaxing and Opening Yoga Sequence for Neck & Shoulder Pain by YOGATX

After a long day at the computer, this workout is all I want to do! Stretching and trying to get everything into the right alignment. (it’s also a good choice even before that long computer day)


This Pilates for Good Posture Workout by eFit30 is 22 minutes and is great to do both – stretch and strengthen.


With this 15-Minute Better Posture Workout by HASfit you’ll be training the muscles we often forget to exercise!


The Better Posture Workout by jessicasmithtv is short (only 12 min), but effective. It looks like nothing, but these exercises are HARD.



Unexpected, but this Ballet Arm Workout by SofaBar is not as easy as it seems. In fact neck, shoulders, arms – everything’s burning. Great to tone those muscles and improve posture.


How to do snake arms – Belly Dance by Howcast

Okay, this last one is not a routine, but if you do this long enough you’ll definitely feel it! Have you ever seen a belly dancer with a hunchback? A hunchback dancer? Yeah, me neither. If you do it right, belly dance is a great way to improve your posture and walk with more confidence.



I hope you enjoyed this list and try some of these workouts, even if just for a couple of minutes.

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