Almond Flour Pancake Recipe {No Banana}

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This paleo almond flour pancake recipe is super quick and easy and the result is a stack of fluffy and super delicious gluten free pancakes for one! Perfect healthy breakfast idea for any day of the week because these are ready in 10 minutes! These healthy pancakes are made without a banana and with just a tbsp of honey, so they can easily be made low carb as well.

Paleo Almond Flour Pancake Recipe

It’s been quite a while since I’ve written anything on this blog and honesty I’m quite rusty and don’t even know what to say. So I’m gonna do what I’ve always done – start writing and just see where it takes me. Yes, the pressure to entertain…Do you remember when Ross forgot to put on oven mitts with those enchiladas and was making a toast…Now you’re like who tf is Ross? Am I the only creep who knows every scene from Friends…They really brainwashed us, didn’t they? In a good way, a good brainwash with the scent of vanilla.

I realize this back and forth monologue is a bit dramatic for an almond flour pancake recipe. Might be a surprise to some, but I’m not competing with Louise Glück, that Nobel prize winner who I’ve definitely heard of prior to two days ago. I read books, poetry is my favorite.

So, back to my only two skills: eating and being cheap. These almond flour pancakes are seriously so good and so fluffy. Can’t decide whether I like them more than my oatmeal pancakes yet. But then again, let me give you the pros and cons, real quick. I love the taste, but almond flour costs more than my dignity and this recipe needs a good amount of almond flour. Forget about lattes and avocado toasts, how about almond flour pancakes ruining us irresponsible Millenials?

I always find myself being very stingy with that almond flour. It just physically pains me when I have to put more than 2 tbsp into a recipe. And eggs? What else do you want from me, a finger? Spit it out! How am I going to maintain the level of pancakes in my everyday life if I have to use almond flour every day? Can’t handle the pressure. But for now, I have some savings, and I could survive making these twice every week. I hope you live somewhere where almond flour is abundant and you can make many batches of these delicious pancakes.

Because you deserve them, more than L’Oreal. Which btw did not cover my grey hair for more than 2 days, so thanks Eva Longoria. OMG if you’re reading this, I will freak out and get rusty again. So don’t tell me, please. Now let’s make almond flour pancakes.

How To Make Almond Flour Pancakes

Seriously, it pretty much is the same process like making normal pancakes. Whatever normal means. It’s basically throwing a bunch of ingredients into a bowl while whispering abracadabra hocus pocus pigeon nail and rat’s tail and then mixing them with whatever you have. Anything would work – a whisk, a fork, a finger or your mind…I used a fork, because I was nervous. Make sure to wear a mask while you’re whispering those words to not spread germs and confusion. Also, if you’re wearing a mask nobody would know you’re the one saying those weird words…

Okay, time for a fun quiz with no purpose at all. Remember the days when we used to say other things following the words: “Please wear …”. Was it a) makeup, b) a condom or c) a costume?

So what do you throw into the bowl? Well obvioulsy, the pigeon nail and the rat’s tail, but also some coconut flour, almond flour, an egg, some honey, baking soda, vanilla and almond milk or water. Mix that for a bit, heat a pan, melt some coconut oil inside and make small pancakes. And once the bubbles come celebrate for a second and then flip them. Put those pancakes on a plate and top with your favorite things!

PS: I was just re-reading this and I wrote ones instead of once. I am very embarrassed and very sorry and I feel like the people who write your instead of you’re. Don’t know what’s happening to my brain. Sorry for the interruption.


You can put anything you desire on these pancakes. I loved mine with some almond butter, blueberries and honey, they were delicious. But honestly the next time I made them I only used a little bit butter and a little bit honey and it was so simple and so good.

You can also use any other fruit, my favorite thing right now it to saute fruit with some coconut oil and cinnamon, so that’s what I’d add. Okay, I have to go make my salad now. Hope you enjoy the pancakes!

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