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If you’re looking for a no-bake easy granola bars recipe, you’ve just found something better: these healthy granola balls. You can make them for breakfast or a quick healthy snack using almond butter, honey, oats and a few other ingredients. Seven altogether if you’re a fan of math and names rising in popularity. This tasty breakfast idea is gluten-free, dairy-free and can easily be vegan by using maple syrup or coconut blossom nectar instead of honey.

Granola Balls Are Better Than Granola Bars

Have you ever eaten a granola bar you liked? I ate my first granola bar this year, the year of many firsts for me. And probably the world. I bought it in a store, took a bite, immediately spit it out, and threw it in the garbage. “I don’t eat chemicals.” I reminded myself about my dignity, self-care and authenticity.

But then I remembered that I just spent money on it, so I took the granola bar out of the garbage bin and took another bite looking at the ingredient list. “Not bad.” I said to myself patting my rounded shoulders and hunchback for the great work I had done in the world. Everyone clapped.

Some parts of this story might have been in my dream where I also get an Oscar and a Nobel prize for being a very beautiful, intelligent and talented person. However, one thing that’s real and a fact is the pain I felt in my tooth from all that sugar. “Well, at least, I still can feel.” I thought to myself while practicing my imaginary part in the imaginary drama movie I’m working on while reading the news lately. It will be a hit.

I don’t wanna spoil it, so I’ll just share a recipe I made that is pretty much like granola bars but did not attack my teeth, dignity or my wallet. And it has a different shape because we accept all shapes and sizes here.

It’s these tasty energy balls that you’ll want to eat all the time. And you can, but you shouldn’t, but they’re good for you, but too much of anything can make us sick, but they’re ready in 10 minutes. Ah, the fun food guilt rides we all go on sometimes.

Listen, if you like almond butter or peanut butter and can eat nuts – try these. Enjoy one or two and just move on. Life’s too short to be overanalyzing food. A movie star and a preacher. Her talent is out of this world.

Only 7 Ingredients

I know in today’s world if you don’t make a recipe with less than 5 ingredients you’re a failure. 5 just sounds so doable. I can do 5 fingers on each foot and hand. I can count to five. And yes, I can hold my pee for 5 minutes while riding the bus.

But you know what? Seven is also a good number. The 7 habits of highly effective people? Stuck on page 47 for 3 years, but I heard it’s good.

Is there a movie called Five? No. But there’s a movie called Seven. And it’s with Brad Pitt. Sure, I never watched it on purpose, because I like to be able to sleep at night without having nightmares. But the movie exists and thanks to it insomnia does as well.

By now you know you’re gonna make these 7-ingredient balls. They’re round, delicious and perfect for throwing. Here are the ingredients:

  • almond butter (or natural peanut butter)
  • quick oats
  • honey
  • chopped almonds
  • salt
  • flaxmeal
  • shredded coconut

Some don’t count salt as an ingredient, but hypochondria has a different opinion. Or was it hypertension? That biochemistry master’s degree was totally worth it.

How To Make These Granola Balls

Step 1. Go back in time and do your nails so that people don’t realize you never do your nails or wash your hair. Even pre 2020. Authenticity! Then chop some almonds that you just happen to have in your pantry, because you just have everything, don’t you? I used roasted almonds, but raw will work as well if your ears and throat don’t get itchy from them and you love essential vitamins like vitamin E.

Step 2. Take a small bowl and put some almond butter in it. Then add a pinch of salt and some honey or for vegans maple syrup or coconut blossom nectar. Not that you follow food trends or anything. Mix that together and observe how sticky it gets.

Step 3. Add coconut, almonds, oats and flax meal.

Step 4. Mix again until the mixture gets so dense that you start feeling you can’t do it anymore. But you can, you’re capable of so much more than you know. For example, you’re capable of proceeding to step 5.

Step 5. Put some water on your hands and roll this dough into 9-10 balls.

Chill in the fridge for 30-60 minutes. And then store leftovers there.

If you’re not politically correct and don’t like all shapes and sizes, you can also turn these into granola bars by spreading the mixture in an airtight container, letting it chill in the fridge and then slicing. I also melted some chocolate and spread some on top.

I don’t have much more to say about these granola balls, I’m pretty sure you’ll love them for breakfast or whenever you decide you want to eat them. Here’s a printable recipe that you can print and frame and gift for Christmas to someone you love. Maybe yourself. I should do a gift guide, I have so many ideas for things that people don’t really need.

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