How Light Workout and Colorful Diet Plan Can Help with Bloating

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Feeling bloated? There are some simple, but effective natural remedies for bloating and today we’ll talk about them!

Over the past few months, I’ve not been home at all. I’ve been traveling here and there and let me tell you, I’m feeling like it’s enough. I miss my bed, my kitchen, structure and I miss my routine. You know how there’s so much information out there about traveling and eating healthy while you do it? Well, I read that information and it means nothing to me. When I’m not home, it’s my time to drink a lot of coffee and to try new things. Things like quiche Lorraine, croissants, pizza and Thai curry. And sometimes on this journey, my food choices have resulted in digestive troubles. That’s right, that’s what we’re gonna talk about today.

Today’s post is a guest post by Morgan. She is an aromatherapist and yoga instructor and I’m so thankful she wanted to share her knowledge with us today. You can find more information about Morgan at the end of this article.

How Light Workout and Colorful Diet Plan Can Help with Your Bloating Problems

Many people experience bloating on a regular basis. This can be due to some medical issues, but usually, it’s due to their diet or exercising habits. Abdominal bloating is when your stomach or the whole abdomen feels tight and full. This usually occurs because of the gas buildup somewhere in the gastrointestinal tract.

The result of bloating is your belly looking larger than usual, and it can often feel tender and painful. What is more, fluid retention in your body can also be one of the causes of bloating. However, there is no need to panic because there are some simple solutions that can help you relieve or simply prevent bloating. And usually, this is a combination of eating healthy and exercising regularly. So, let’s see what you can do to prevent this tense state of your abdomen.

Where’s The Bloating Coming From?

Bloating is usually caused when there is an excess gas built up in your stomach or intestines. It can also occur right after the meal, but it resolves on itself, but if it stays for a while, it means that something else is not right.

One of the most common causes of bloating is digestive issues. Those include constipation, food allergies, and intolerances. When the stool is backed up in your large bowel, it causes the feeling of discomfort and bloating.

Also, there might be some built-up gas behind it, causing more issues. That build-up of gas and constipation might be caused by some intolerances or food allergies.

Another common cause of bloating is diet. Fizzy drinks, consuming too much sugar or salt or not consuming enough fibre could also lead to bloating. Additionally, hormonal changes can make your abdomen bloat, and it usually occurs with women before and during their periods.

Luckily, there are many remedies that can help you manage pain and discomfort of bloating. So, take a look at these tips and relieve your abdomen.

Best Foods To Prevent Bloating

Every person and every belly are different and you can’t always tell what foods are going to cause bloating with everyone, but there are some rules.

For example, there are good foods for your stomach that won’t make you bloat or that can bring some relief, and there are some foods that will make it even worse.


If you’ve only been using cucumbers to reduce the puffiness under your eyes, it is time to slice them up and eat them. The same thing they do to the bags under your eyes they will do to your belly.

Cucumbers contain quercetin which is a flavonoid antioxidant that can help reduce swelling. They inhibit the activity of pro-inflammatory enzymes and they do wonders to our bodies. So, slice them up as a salad and swap fizzy drinks with a glass of cucumber water – your stomach will be happy.


Bananas are rich in potassium which prevents water retention and it regulates sodium levels in your body. This will significantly reduce your salt-induced bloating. Plus, there is plenty of fibre which can prevent or relieve constipation.

Other potassium-rich foods are avocados, kiwis, pistachios and oranges, which will do the same thing as bananas and help you with your discomfort.


This veggie is an anti-bloating superfood. Yes, it does smell a little, but it makes you pee which is a great flush of the excess water, which further relieves any bloating and discomfort. Also, it contains prebiotics, which help your body grow “good” bacteria that maintain a healthy digestive system. What is more, it contains soluble and insoluble fibres which promote digestive health in general.

Yogurt with Probiotics

Another food that will support good bacteria in your gut is yogurt with probiotics. We need probiotics to regulate our digestion, but instead of going for supplements straight away, consider the yogurt first. Plus, you can mix it up with some granola and fruits and have a banging breakfast.

Best Activities to Prevent Bloating

Besides a balanced diet filled with nutrient-rich foods, you need to add some physical activity into the mix to reduce bloating and have that flat stomach. Physical activity is what our bodies need on a regular basis. It can benefit you in many different ways, but most importantly it will reduce and relieve the bloating. So, get your gear and try some of the following.

Go for a Walk

Physical activity will get your bowels moving more regularly, and this certainly helps with preventing constipation and excess gases. So, if you’re not much of a gym person, a short walk every day will help you a bunch. You can take a walk in the park, around the block or even go for a hike and you will instantly feel much less discomfort and bloating coming from your abdomen.

Try Yoga

Yoga does wonders to our bodies on many different levels, but there are some poses that can help you with this particular issue.

Poses such as Child’s Pose, Happy Baby Pose and squats will encourage your body to release that excess gas and get your bowels moving.

Basically, whichever type of physical activity you choose, your bowels are bound to get moving and help you regulate digestion and release of gases. It might sound foolish or embarrassing, but your intestines and stomach need physical activity in order to strike a healthy balance and make digestion easier. So, don’t be lazy and sign up for some classes and your body will be thankful to you.

Other Treatments

Besides regulating your diet and exercising regularly, there are some other ways that can help reduce bloating. These include gas relief capsules, essential oils (peppermint is the best), taking a long warm bath to relax your body and abdomen massages to get your bowels moving. Whichever you choose, make sure you’re doing it moderately and to consult with your doctor if there’s a need for medication.


Nobody likes to feel bloated. Not only does it make our bellies look bigger, but it can cause some serious discomfort and even pain. Luckily, there is no need to despair or panic because there are many different natural ways to regulate your bowels and digestions and prevent bloating. The best way is to regulate your diet and fill it with fibre and nutrients and, of course, to start exercising. However, if those don’t help, make sure to visit your doctor and see what exactly is causing your issue.

Morgan Rose Elliott is an aromatherapist, yoga instructor, animal lover, a happily married mother of three. She enjoys reading biographies and writing poems, sunny days on the beach and any shape and form of vanilla. Crazy about the ’80s, her favorite band is Duran Duran (although kids prefer Franz Ferdinand, and the husband Blink182) and she is obsessed with Netflix original Stranger things. Follow Morgan on Twitter.

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