Clean Eating Salmon Lettuce Wraps

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You are absolutely going to love these delicious clean eating salmon lettuce wraps! They’re full of flavor, light and super easy to prepare. This is a great clean eating recipe for dinner or lunch, especially when it’s warmer outside. It is also a good anti-inflammatory recipe to have if you’re starting an anti-inflammatory diet.

You might have noticed lately, I am writing a lot about weight loss. How to lose weight that, how to lose weight this…workouts to do. Well the thing is: Yes, I have gained some weight and this is not the time of my life. I am not dirty dancing, I am just crying inside.

except when I look at this

Losing Weight And Reducing Inflammation

Well, not really. But I don’t feel good. This has nothing to do with being vain or wanting to have abs, so that people like me. To be honest with you, I don’t care what others think about the way I look. I care about the way I think about myself and about the way I feel about myself. And it’s not great at the moment.

So just for myself, I am trying to lose some weight right now. 25 pounds or 12 kg to be exact. This is how much I have gained over the last few years. Now to some that might be nothing, to me it’s 20% of my weight. So it’s a lot. I am not a growing baby or a pigeon after all. If you’re wondering about the pigeon “metaphor” – a few years ago we had 2 pigeon babies on the balcony and they grew really fast. Some might find it disgusting that I’m raising pigeons, but to me, those were the sweetest birds ever and never touched them with my bare hands.

Now back to me, myself and the double chin that’s living its own life now. Now that I’m trying to lose weight, I am also cutting back on carbs, because I have gained a lot of belly fat. I’ve read many studies that show following a clean, lower carb anti-inlammatory diet helps with abdominal obesity (aka belly fat). So I’m trying to eat clean and to add more anti-inflammatory recipes to my diet.

Enter the healthiest, most delicious clean eating salmon lettuce wraps ever. They’re lower in carbs, full of healthy vegetables and fiber and some omega-3’s and protein from the salmon. And they taste amazing!

Salmon Lettuce Wraps Ingredients

Here’s what you’ll need for the clean eating salmon lettuce wraps:

  • salmon filets
  • vegetables to cook – I chose asparagus, scallions, garlic, carrots and zucchini
  • fresh raw vegetables like tomatoes, cucumber and lettuce (of course for lettuce wraps!)
  • flaxseeds, lemon and black pepper
  • and the ingredients for this herby sunflower seed cream cheese

How To Make These Clean Eating Salmon Lettuce Wraps

I’m not gonna lie to you: this recipe is very similar to the recipe I did last summer (You know what I did last summer and that’s scaring me <- can you tell I grew up in the 90’s). But this one is still kinda different and I feel I enjoyed it even more than the last one.

It’s pretty easy to make.

You basically will need to wash some vegetables and then pan-sear the salmon with some of the most delicious vegetables ever like asparagus and scallions.

Then you’ll also chop up some fresh vegetables and make a healthy herby cream cheese dip without actually using cream cheese. You’ll use soaked sunflower seeds and a bunch of other ingredients like herbs and lemon juice. Then blend them and your herby cream cheese is ready!

Put all that on a lettuce leaf and see what happens. I loved it.


Health Benefits

This recipe for clean eating salmon lettuce wraps is awesome, because it’s rich in antioxidants, it is anti-inflammatory and low GI.

That’s why it’s great for your health, skin and even for weight loss. High in protein, omega-3’s, detoxifying nutrients from the asparagus, Selenium (which if you’re not eating some Brazil nuts, you might have a hard time getting) and a ton of other stuff.

You can eat these salmon wraps twice per week, because as we hear from everywhere fish is now basically more toxic than cyanide. Plus apparently, it’s not sustainable to eat fish every single day. I mean obviously, it’s way better for the environment and for us to eat soy-based sausages and junk food from McDonald’s.

However, a study from 2006 found that the benefits of fish consumption outweigh the risks. So be brave and don’t worry about having fish once to twice a week, just don’t eat fish every single day.

More Clean Eating Recipes

I hope you enjoy this light and delicious clean eating recipe for salmon lettuce wraps! If you do make it: let me know how it goes, ask me questions, hashtag your pictures in Instagram with #beautybites, so I can find your pics and be happy again and what else? Maybe check out these other clean eating recipes as well:

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