Chia Pudding Parfaits

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Chia pudding parfaits? Oh, yes. Delicious and healthy this amazing chia recipe tastes like dessert and you can meal prep it for the week. Then whenever you need a healthy snack or a quick light breakfast, you can assemble it in no time.

This recipe is gluten-free, dairy-free, soy-free, egg-free and vegan.

What’s In These Chia Pudding Parfaits

You probably can see it with the naked eye, but basically, there are three parts to these tasty chia pudding parfaits:

  • Chia pudding. If you’ve never had chia pudding you’ll honestly be surprised how much you love it once you try it. It’s creamy, it’s light and it’s pretty energizing as well. Plus, it’s full of fiber, protein and omega-3’s that are as rare to find as diamonds.
  • Granola. And make that healthy granola. You can prep your own in 10 minutes or if you have a favorite brand – you can use that as well. The granola will add some nice crunch, nuttiness and sweetness to the recipe.
  • Fruit. Make that seasonal fruit, although I have to admit – my favorite way to enjoy parfaits, in general, is with berries. They’re not overly sweet, are slightly acidic and come with super fresh flavors.

And that’s it, pretty much. Now, off to the prep.

How To Make Chia Pudding Parfait Layers

Before we start layering the chia pudding parfaits, we’ll need to make the components. One at a time. So here’s what you do:

Chia pudding. Grab some chia seeds and your favorite milk / dairy-free milk, then put them together in a jar or any type of container. Then start stirring with a fork to create a tornado. Keep stirring until the chias get dizzy. You might notice that some of the chia seeds start to swell up really fast. Don’t worry, they’re probably just allergic to milk of any kind. Or water. But before you whip out the EpiPen, remember they’re just seeds. You’re going to eat them. And we’re going to use that “allergy” to make a gel-like substance aka pudding.

Now, once the tornado has stopped and the seeds said “Whew that was close”, make another tornado and stir again. Otherwise, those tiny anxious seeds will start sticking together and forming clumps, because they don’t like being alone in their fear. It’s your job to stir them, so that they face their fears, spread out evenly and have enough space to fulfill their purpose – making a chia pudding.

Now, once the seeds are spread out evenly, close the container and refrigerate the pudding for at least 3 hours or best – overnight. Well, I sure hope you sleep more than 3 hours. Especially after that rich experience.

Granola. Here you’ll need to chop roughly nuts then mix them with oats, seeds, and maybe coconut shavings plus some vanilla and maple syrup. Spread in an even layer onto a baking sheet, so that each food gets a spot under the sun or under the heat rays of the oven. Bake for 4-5 minutes, then flip and bake for a few more minutes. Leave the granola at room temperature – it’s not going to stay soft and tasteless. As it cools off, it will get crunchy and delicious!

Fruit. Now it’s time to make the fruit. Plant the seed in well-drained soil. Water it, add compost to it, do a ritual dance and sing around it. Keep doing that and in a few short years – you’ll get some fruit. If you’re lucky.

Layering The Chia Pudding Parfaits

Now that you’re a few years older and wiser and got EVERYTHING ready to go, it’s finally time to assemble the chia pudding parfaits. They’re worth the wait. Here’s how:

  • Pick out the prettiest glass you can. Fine crystal is perfectly fine. Or use whatever you have.
  • Now, start with a layer of chia pudding. Add a few tbsp on the bottom.
  • Then add a tablespoon or two of granola.
  • And then, add a layer of your precious berries.
  • Then repeat once more and your easy healthy and delicious snack is ready to eat. Savor it!

Meal Prep

Now, to make this process a bit easier – just meal prep the individual ingredients for the chia pudding parfaits. Keep separately and layer quickly when it’s time to eat.

This recipe won’t hold together well if assembled, as the granola will stop being crunchy after just a few hours.

More Healthy Snack And Breakfast Ideas

Well, I really hope you try and love these delicious chia pudding parfaits if you give them a try! I’m definitely starting to crave one right now and I haven’t prepped anything, so I’ve got plans. If you need more healthy snack and breakfast ideas, here are some good ones to try:

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