Simple Cucumber Smoothie

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Last updated on November 16th, 2020 at 03:59 pm

This is a quick and easy smoothie recipe for those who like cucumbers! It’s a cucumber smoothie and it’s made with frozen banana, peach and a little bit of parsley. It’s a refreshing, hydrating and healthy snack and I needed it, so here it is!

What You Need

To make this cucumber smoothie you’ll need:

  • a cucumber
  • a banana that’s been frozen for 3 years
  • peach, also frozen, but more recently
  • some thinly chopped parsley
  • a high-speed blender, a hand blender or knives, time and very advanced chopping skills to turn all these ingredients into a smooth soup called smoothie.
  • now that I think about it, maybe an apple would also be a good choice instead of the banana

How To Make Cucumber Smoothie

I think the safest way to make this smoothie is to simply put everything into a blender, add some water or almond milk and blend your heart out. Until it turns smooth.

Then you drink it and start telling everyone how good you feel, but nobody seems to care. They do, but you don’t live life for other people anyway, so who cares.

And that’s all the inspiration I can give you for the day because I haven’t slept enough.

I hope you like the smoothie if you make it! If you don’t, I’ll try not to cry myself to sleep tonight.

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