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Guess who’s got a second peach recipe on her blog? I’m unstoppable, I know. Fast, furious and so productive. Also, because I may or may not have eaten 6 of these peach bars the other day. No ragrets and I recommend you do something similar if you’ve got some peaches and don’t know what to do with those peaches. Simple – turn them into this delicious and easy peach dessert recipe! This healthy peach crumble bars recipe is made with simple ingredients, no refined sugar, is gluten-free, dairy-free, paleo and vegan.

Let me make it clear right away – this is a small batch recipe. I used a small loaf pan to make it and it was enough for two people. It would actually be enough for two people for two days if I wasn’t too exhausted to make dinner the other night. I decided to rest on my laurels and have the peach bars instead of an actual meal with a salad or something.

Life-changing story, I know. Just as life-changing as leaving these peach bars in the fridge for a few hours. OMG, they just get better and better. Just like wine if wine didn’t taste like torture in a glass and didn’t make me want to throw up in a public bathroom every time I tried to be an adult at a restaurant or a playground with my nephew. I’m just kidding. They don’t have good public bathrooms at the playground here. Hello, bushes.

So, let’s talk about peaches. As we’re all aware they have a very desirable shape if you want to be a butt, they’re also furry and kinda look like pets. Pets that will go bad if you keep them around too long or pet them too much, so don’t. What peaches are – delicious and super good for you. Like really healthy. Almost as healthy as blueberries, but you don’t hear as much of them, because they don’t have a good manager. 

Peaches are rich in various antioxidants and polyphenols that reduce oxidative stress, inflammation and cell damage. Peaches are shown to have immune-boosting properties, to prevent certain types of cancer, improve skin and heart health and digestion. Good, now we know what the one peach we use for the entire recipe can do for you. Let’s see what else these bars are made of.

Healthy Peach Crumble Bars Ingredients

You’ll need just a few things to make these:

  • Peaches – fresh and sweet, because we’re not adding anything to them. Or it, because we’re using one big peach. More if you’re not going to feed minituares or yourself and one other person who won’t get to eat a lot and will get their hands slapped if they reach for a piece. I mean, children can be just so rude. It won’t hurt if you ask. And you know, you can just double the recipe and not seem like a hungry jerk.
  • Vanilla
  • Blanched Almond Flour. Maybe other almond flour would work as well, I used blanched though and it was so good. It was super crumbly and buttery without any butter in it.
  • Walnuts (these are optional)
  • Maple syrup (you can also use honey if you don’t need it to be vegan)
  • Extra virgin coconut oil

And a little bit of salt, because things get more delicious and you can seem a little more pretentious. Pair this with some wine and you’ve got class and style. You’re welcome! They don’t teach this in school.

How To Make These Peach Bars

Before you start, make sure to preheat your oven to 180C/350F.

Step 1. Wash, pit and chop the peaches in cubes. That’s all you’re going to do with them.

Step 2. Mix the almond flour, maple syrup, vanilla, and coconut oil in a bowl until they turn into a crumbly dough that you want to eat right then and there.

Step 3. Line a small baking pan with parchment paper (I used a small loaf pan) and add 2/3 of the almond flour dough, spread and press it down like you would for a cheesecake – that would be the base for the crumble.

Step 4. Spread the peaches over the base.

Step 5. Squeeze bigger pieces of the leftover dough to make the top crumble. Then spread the crumbles over the peaches. Optionally you can also add some pecans or walnuts on top.

Step 6. Bake for about 15-20 minutes or until the crumble is lightly golden brown.

Take out, let cool off, take out of the pan (having the parchment paper makes it easier) and slice in pieces. I highly recommend also leaving this tasty healthy dessert in the fridge for a few hours – it’s sweet and very refreshing.

Why You’ll Love These Peach Crumble Bars

  • a really delicious healthy treat
  • use up some fresh peaches
  • super easy recipe
  • simple healthy ingredients
  • you can make it ahead too
  • it’s a really fast baking recipe that anyone can make

More Options

If you can’t have almonds or don’t have any almond flour at home, you can definitely make these healthy peach bars with oats. For example, you can use the crust from this cheesecake recipe or from this apple crumble pie.

There are many ways to modify this recipe using the things you have at home. You can use another type of fat, another type of sweetener, another fruit…Of course, the end product won’t taste the same, but if you follow the steps above – it will turn out delicious.

If you decide to change up the fruit, you can see how I made a similar recipe for apple crumble bars here.

Why Are These Peach Bars Healthier

This easy peach recipe is naturally gluten-free, dairy-free and vegan. It’s richer in fiber, vitamins and minerals and has less sugar than peach crumble recipes made with refined sugar and white flour.

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