12 Blog Post Ideas For Beginners To Get Traffic

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My friend, if you’re new to blogging and don’t know how to write your first blog post and you’re actually scared – you’re not alone. We’ve all been there.

You feel vulnerable and you don’t really know what you’re supposed to ACTUALLY say as a brand new blogger.

I’ve got to be honest with you.

No matter who you are and how cool you are in real life, there’s a very big chance for your very first blog post to just SUCK. Even if you feel you have the best blog post idea right now and made everything up in your mind already. For 2 reasons:

1st of all: It’s yours, so it’s never going to be good enough

2nd: You’re just starting out and nobody’s good when they’re beginners

It takes time & practice and there’s no shame in that. We all start somewhere.

To give you an example of a first blog post that sucks, let’s look at this one.

The Real Story Of The Beauty

Don’t worry, I’m not a jerk making fun of others here. This one’s mine.

Immature, makes no sense whatsoever. And for some reason Google still finds it, even though I’ve never updated it (Okay I just saw I updated it in 2017 hahaha!!! How did I even do that? What is there to update?).

I mean what do you write when you start a blog, anyway? Do you introduce yourself and make some awkward mildly funny jokes? Do you tell everyone about your day? Or how you thought your high school boyfriend cheated on you?

I didn’t know.

A while back I thought to delete that stupid blog post. But I didn’t. I actually came to love it over time. You know why?

Because it was the one that got me started.

I could’ve tried to create the perfect blog post back then, but sometimes you have to write and say: It’s enough. It’s good enough.

If it wasn’t for this terrible piece of content, I wouldn’t have started my blog and be where I am right now. I would be stuck at some desk or laboratory job that makes me miserable and be hating everybody and everything in my life. Yay, positivity.

That being said, if you want to create content, so you can actually attract an audience, grow your traffic & make money blogging – use the following blog post ideas and tips.

Even if you’re not the best blogger yet, when you choose the right topics and at least kinda follow the tips below – you’ll get good traffic & sooner than later make money with your new blog.

For the ones who’ve been thinking about starting a blog, but been putting off for a while, because you never feel ready…Stop making that excuse and go read this step by step guide. You’ll find everything you need to know to launch and make your blog grow very fast in the first few months. You’ll figure out the rest as you go.

How to write your first blog post

These are general blogging tips, but don’t skip them! They’ll help you generate great new blog post ideas consistently in the future as well. Here we go.

Tip #1: It’s all about the reader.

So boring, right? But it’s true.

Share your own opinion and experience all you want, but remember that this blog is not just for you. It’s for your readers as well. Always create from a perspective of being helpful and making it easier for your audience to take action.

“What will the reader do after she reads this blog post?”

And don’t think about them clicking on an affiliate link or buying your course. Think about how you’d benefit the reader with this content.

For example with this post, I want to inspire you to actually write your first blog post and not only put it off and overthink it. On top I want you to actually write a blog post that drives traffic to your brand new blog and gets shared.

Tip #2: Write about your own struggles and experiences.

Again, keep in mind: your blog post should help the reader. However, if you were to read this post a year ago, being in the position of your reader:

What do you know now that you would’ve loved to have known back then?

Tell them. When people know you’ve been through something similar, it’s easier to connect with them than if you’re just preaching about something someone else has been through.

For example – I can sing a song about procrastinating with creating content, overthinking and writing the wrong kind of content. The one that’s good, but doesn’t get traffic.

But I also learned through trial and error, what content gets more traffic and now I get to save you some time & frustration.

Tip #3: Work on that headline, it’s magical!

It’s hard to explain what a good headline is.

To me, I always go with what people really want and ask myself, “Would I click on this?”

Usually, you’ve got better chances if the title of the blog post has a number in it and a power word. If you don’t know what a power word is, check out this list.

To me, I also like headlines that are very specific & practical like:

How To {do something} in {certain amount of time} or how to {do something} today / this week.

Tip #4: Simple is better than perfect and complicated!

Use simple words that people understand, that you understand.

Most of us don’t read blogs to overcomplicate our lives, but to find solutions to our problems/ to find inspiration & motivation / to feel connected and know that someone else is going through the same thing.

Speak the language of your reader.

Tip #5: When you don’t know what to write about

When it seems like you can’t squeeze even one decent word out of your brain – just start writing ANYTHING and keep going for 5 minutes. You’re more likely to keep going this way. Finish and then take a break. Come back to that post and edit.

The great thing about writing blogs: you can always delete the horrible parts after you wrote them – it’s not a typewriter.

Tip #6: Stop feeling the need to be creative / original / new. 

For people to find you as a new blogger, they need to already be looking for content like yours. Create your version of it and let go. Otherwise you’ll start overthinking and overcomplicating. Everything you create, as long as you create it – is original. The thing that really helps me here, is realizing that I’m nothing special AND that I don’t need to be. I’m a part of this world, of this community and I’m doing my part. Hippie, right?

Tip #7: Walk/ Move/Relax/Distract.

What really helps me come up with ideas is going out for a walk, taking a shower or even a bus ride. What a combination…

I’m telling you – I wish I could write while I’m doing those things.


Well, things just flow, I think clear.

Then I sit down at my desk and BOOM. Nada. Only some mediocre ideas that a 3-year old could come up with. Okay, that’s not a good example, 3-year olds are super creative. So know when to take a break and find out what inspires you.

12 Awesome Blog Post Ideas That Will Drive Traffic To Your Blog

(Even If You’re Just Starting Out)

Okay, now we’re getting to the blog post ideas that will drive blog traffic & some examples you can use for your first blog post.

1. How To’s

These types of posts are easy (well, easier) to write.

You basically teach people how to do something they actually want.

People always need new ideas on how to improve their lives. And when you help them take action on what they want to do – they’ll come to your site.

You can never go wrong with sharing a delicious healthy recipe, tips to put together a nice and affordable outfit, a quick workout, a fun DIY project or a round up of these.


  • The only paleo brownie recipe you’ll ever need
  • How to make sushi: Step by Step
  • How to create a logo for your online business for free
  • DIY: How to make your own candles from scratch
  • How to look good: 16 ways to be more stylish this winter

2. Bust myths/ beliefs

Have you ever done something people didn’t believe is possible/ or in a way that people didn’t believe is possible?

Prove common beliefs wrong!

There are so many beliefs that have been planted in our minds that are hard to let go of. I think many of them are also what is stopping many people from taking action and, really, taking part in life.

One example from my blogging journey was that I believed it takes a long time to make money blogging. This belief made me put off monetizing my blog for over a year after I was getting traffic.

Then I read more and more blog posts from other bloggers about how they’re making money blogging, just months after they started. So, slowly, I decided it was time for me too. And I did it.

These blog posts totally helped me start making money. If it wasn’t for them, I would’ve probably waited another year and would not make any income from my blog.

The same goes for myths like losing weight, parenting, relationships, marriage…pretty much anything. Keep in mind, it should always address something people want.


  • How I lost # pounds even though I ate pizza every day (the common belief – you can’t lose weight when you eat pizza, you have to be on a strict diet)
  • How I grew my cleaning business with no money or education in 2 years (The common belief: You can’t start a successful business without money or education)
  • The one thing that helped me graduate from Harvard as a single mom (the common belief – single moms don’t have time/money/support to graduate from Harvard).

So write that blog post! You might help someone overcome their limiting beliefs and transform their lives.

3. Your own story of getting started 

How did you get where you are right now? What were your struggles? How did you overcome them? Where did that journey take you?


  • 5 tips for beginner photographers
  • I quit smoking 5 years ago and never looked back
  • How I started running at 40 and it changed my entire life

4. Your Routine

People love seeing how other people handle the things they also struggle with. It gives them new ideas.


  • Weekly cleaning routine to keep your home organized with toddlers
  • Make up routine to look good every day
  • Day in the life with a 6-month old
  • What I eat in a day to lose weight
  • Morning routine to reduce stress

Make sure to always share the struggles you face along with your successes. This makes you way more relatable and real.

5. List of your favorite things 

You can include clothes, make up, tools, tips, songs, quotes, workouts, recipes, books, movies. Possibilities are endless.

But, again: make sure to make this favorites list about your reader.

So if it’s 10 of your favorite personal development books, turn it into: 10 Personal Development Books That Will Change Your Life.

And then write in the post what you loved about this book and how it changed/inspired you.

Also, these types of posts are great to make money with affiliate marketing. You need to join affiliate programs before that and link to related products.

  • 5 healthy recipes you need to try this week
  • The best 5 educational toys for your 6-month old (this could be affiliate post)
  • 10 things you have to do if you visit Sicily (could include affiliate link to AirBnB)

6. Before and After

Have you lost a bunch of weight?

Did you organize a very messy closet/ desk?

Did your skin improve?

Or did you find a way to grow your business after it was going nowhere for years?

Show the before and after. Use pictures, graphs, screenshots.

Everyone loves these stories – stories about transformations. Stories that change lives and inspire others to do something too.

If you’re doing this for clients – you could include their stories / case studies in there as well.

7. Failures, difficult times & lessons learned

Most of us who try anything fail a bunch of times before we succeed. We also go through hard times that nobody warns us about.

Share your failures and what you learned from them! I have this kind of post right here.


  • 10 things nobody tells you about breastfeeding
  • 10 things I wish I knew when I started learning Spanish

8. Reviews

Are you trying out a new popular product? Do a review.

How do you use it? Is it easy for a beginner? What do you like about it? What do you dislike about it? What can be improved?

Before buying something, we like to know whether it would be a good fit. And consumers trust other consumers more than the brand.

This is another type of post that is great to monetize through affiliate marketing.

9. Tutorial

Do you use any products/ services that you love? How?

Show your readers how you do it and how this product helps you solve a problem you struggle with.

Another type of post that is good for making money through affiliate marketing.

10. Planning Your Week

Give your readers a sneak peak into your plans. Share your goals for the week, month or year and then update your audience on your progress. Somehow this is super motivating and it gives you new ideas about your own life, things you can also do and be excited about. And you feel more connected to that person.


  • Goals for the week
  • Meal Plan for the week
  • Workout Plan for the week
  • Grocery list
  • Checklist

11. Challenges!

Is there anything you’d like to improve in your life? A habit you want to change?

Make a challenge about it and keep your readers posted.


  • 14-Day Vegan Challenge;
  • 7-Day No TV Challenge;
  • 30-Day No Make Up Challenge (this one’s scary, I know!)

12. Most common mistakes

What kind of mistakes do you see people making in your niche as beginners? Or maybe you made them when you were starting out? How did you fix them?


  • 4 most common skin care mistakes and how to fix them
  • Avoid these 3 common mistakes when writing a resume
  • Don’t make these 10 biggest wedding planning mistakes

…and that my friend, is it. I have no more right now.

What I want you to keep in mind is this:

There are absolutely no rules on how to write your very first blog post. No guidelines on what a blog post should or shouldn’t be. It’s like telling a writer what story to tell, or a singer what song to sing. So, here’s how to write your first blog post: You just start.

You start with a blank page. With nothing and then you turn that nothing into something. It will be hard and you’ll want to quit multiple times, but when you’re done you’ll feel super accomplished. You’ve actually done something.

The thing is, your first blog post will never be perfect, even if you think about it and edit it every second of the day. You just have to let go. Publish it. Move on. Let it suck. You’ll write a better one next time. And then the next time.

What I can tell you for sure is: The only way to get better and more confident at something is to actually do it. And do it repeatedly.

Just make sure to stay true to yourself and to your values when writing that content. These blog post examples are just that – examples. They’re not rules.

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