The Best Workouts For A Rounder, More Lifted Butt

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If you’re looking for exercises to tone your butt, start with these free workout videos!



Last week I stumbled upon a video of Jennifer Lopez where she talked about what she ate and how she trained.

By “stumbled upon”, I obviously mean – I looked for that video on Youtube when I was cleaning and it took me like 2 whole minutes to find it.

I don’t know about you, but I grew up with Jenny from the block.

Some people like her, some people don’t.

Well, I like her. I like her personality and somehow I always feel motivated to work out and eat better when I see a video of her.

But, I really couldn’t care less about her butt.

I couldn’t have J.Lo’s butt even if I spent hours in the gym lifting 500 pounds and eating 6000 kcal of chicken breast a day. But also I don’t need to, because I’ve got my own. Everyone’s got one and they’re all good enough.


Your Butt’s Good Enough

There’s such a cult around the booty for more than 15 years now, especially around having a big butt, it’s just insane.

If you don’t have a big butt, why are you even here? Shame on you and your invisible butt. Go hide somewhere.

Standards have changed much generation after generation.

I mean nobody cared whether my grandma had a big butt, the most important thing was that she can cook.

With my mom – that she was skinny.

But for my generation, obviously I need to be all these combined + a huge butt. And I cannot lie.

Now, with all that said, I still do think that you can shape your butt and make it firmer. Even if it’s not ginormous.

And if you’re blessed with a bigger booty, good for you.

Still, no matter what size, a butt is not just an accessory, a cushion to sit on or, you know…


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The Largest Muscle

Because your booty contains the largest muscles in your body. Without those muscles…well we wouldn’t even be able to stay upright.

Therefore, whether your butt is the biggest, the smallest or the flattest, the important thing is that those muscles are exercised regularly.

For me, whenever I start working out with running and toning exercises, my butt gets rounder and more lifted within probably a week. And I feel like I’m standing and walking stronger, more upright.

On the contrary, when I just sit on it for 8 hours, I feel like I can fold in two when I’m standing and like that butt just flattens. It doesn’t get small, just flat.

Okay, this was a long talk about butts, I hope Sir Mix A Lot likes it. And will not lie.

But even if he doesn’t he’ll probably enjoy these workouts that ARE MADE to to your butt!

Most of them don’t take that long, but if you do them 2-3 times a week (allow time for the muscles to recover for a day in between) you’ll definitely see a difference in no time.


The 6 Best At Home Workouts To Tone Your Butt



5 Minutes to a Bigger, Rounder, Lifted Butt by FitnessBlender

Well, if you tell me you can’t squeeze in this 5-min, no equipment butt workout, then you know you’re lying. I mean you don’t even need a mat and it takes almost no time.


Barre Fitness | Butt Workout by Barre Fitness

One of my go to quick morning workouts, when I want to train my butt – it’s around 10 min and super effective. You do most of the workout on your mat, the video includes a short warm up as well. Honestly, one of my favorites.


15-Minute Lazy-Girl Booty Workout by POPSUGAR Fitness

If you don’t feel like leaving the mat AT ALL, this pilates workout will shape your booty even if you’re kinda lazy. Well, you might be lazy, but it still is one of the more intense ones.


Lifted Butt Series Workout #1 by Zuzka Light

Now, the first time I saw Zuzka was many years ago when she started Her workouts are no joke and this one is no exception. It’s definitely one of the more intense workouts on this list, so if you need a challenge: do it.


The Butt-Lifting Workout That’s Better Than Spanx by POPSUGAR Fitness

I couldn’t walk up the stairs the next day. But in a good way. This butt & leg workout is simply amazing and it’s just 10 minutes.


30 Minute Bum-Sculpting Super Workout found at SweatyBetty

Now, if you want to invest more time and really work your butt off try this 30-minute butt workout. It’s got everything – cardio, squats, lunges and mat exercises.




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