Coconut Cherry Smoothie Recipe

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Last updated on November 30th, 2021 at 10:00 am

If there’s something wrong with you and cherries on their own, as perfect as they are, aren’t good enough for you, here’s a coconut cherry smoothie recipe you’re very likely to love. Well, who knows, you’re obviously hard to please. But you might like this refreshing healthy smoothie for breakfast, dessert or a snack.

Coconut Cherry Smoothie

Maybe you got them from the store or maybe if you’re a very lucky person who has everything (that would explain the hard to please thing) – you got them from your garden…Whatever you did to deserve and get your little hands on those beautiful, perfect cherries – take a moment to appreciate them. Take a moment of gratitude for the gifts that life has given you.

Cherries. Look at them, touch them, treat them right. Blend them into this smoothie.

Tricks To Make A Cherry Smoothie

Don’t just throw cherries into your blender as if they’re some sad little leaves of spinach. Or some other average food that people put in smoothies and wouldn’t care less if it’s there or not. Or some victim-food that is helpless, complains a lot, and doesn’t know how to defend itself. Like I don’t know…cucumber.

One secret you should know about cherries is they have pits. And those pits are the weapon cherries use if they decide to choke their attackers.

If you’re blending a smoothie with cherries, you need to remove those pits first and I recommend freezing the cherries after. The reason for the second one is because once their milk pit is out, cherries can grow another one. Quite like teeth, you know. But when you freeze them – they don’t move and they stay tasty longer. Also, your smoothie will be cold, refreshing and have a nice non-pit texture.

I’ve talked about cherries before when I made these cherry oatmeal pancakes. They were a big hit. Seriously. I think nobody except for me made them. And they were delicious. Almost as delicious as cherries alone.

Now to offer you an alternative, here’s the second cherry recipe on this blog. Hope you enjoy it.

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