Vegan Potato Burritos

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Last updated on July 31st, 2023 at 12:32 pm

Got some potatoes you need to eat? Well, then grab them and make these absolutely delicious vegan potato burritos with minimal effort for dinner tonight!

Aah potatoes. Those round, yellowish, chubby Latino-seducers. Did you know that potatoes, much like many of my favorite celebrities – Shakira, Salma Hayek, Osvaldo Ríos come originally from South America? I guess my childhood was influenced a lot by those Latinos – I mean my summer was mostly fried potatoes and telenovelas.

I gave up on the telenovelas a while ago and these days I have to admit, I’m not a big potato eater as well. While some people get all excited, drooly & screamy at the sight or just even the thought of French fries – I feel nothing. To say it in potatoes’ native language – N.A.D.A. I hear french fries, I feel dead inside. Numb. Can’t touch me. Dadadada.

But when I see these vegan potato burritos here – I feel at home.

The filling for these, is one of the dearest to my heart meals. Because this is one of the very few dishes without meat my mother makes. I’ve always loved to dip a piece of bread in that potato and paprika filling. Since I was probably 2 years old.

So, when I looked at the bags of potatoes my dad gave me a few weeks ago I had the brilliant idea to put the filling into a tortilla and make plant-based potato burritos. So I did that. And all I can say is – I’m a potato fan again. Now, let’s hope I don’t start watching telenovelas again.

How To Make The Potato Burritos

Well, first I make the filling for the potato burritos. I just cook some potatoes, peas and onions in a simple paprika sauce.

Then I go and chop some fresh or roasted vegetables like a psychopath. A veggie psychopath. I use whatever I have. Lettuce, tomatoes, spinach, avocado – whatever you have, whatever your heart desires.

Then, I put everything on a tortilla and drown that whole thing in this amazing avocado dill dip.

I must admit – these vegan potato burritos might not look like much, but they will make your taste buds explode with happiness and joy and your heart melt. And who doesn’t want to live with exploded tastebuds and melted heart? I mean.

This meal combines the comfort of the potato filling with the freshness of the veggies and the garlicky flavor of the avocado dill sauce. The only thing you can be concerned about is making a big mess when you eat those potato wraps. Get napkins.

Health and Beauty Benefits

  • Potatoes have almost no fat and as far as energy density they’re similar to legumes. They might not have the most protein from all plants, but let me tell you it’s a high-class protein. It’s even better than soy protein. And if you do yourself a favor and eat them without peeling you’d get a special treat – cholesterol-lowering fiber.
  • On top you get all the health and beautifying benefits from my avocado dill dip – so wrap it and embrace happiness and beauty.

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