How To Actually Relax Without Spending A TON Of Money

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Learn how to recharge and let go without spending a ton of money. That’s right: we’re talking about 9 ways to relax for free (or almost free)

If you had asked me what I would love to do to treat myself years ago, my answer would be something like:

  • Visit a spa
  • Get a massage
  • Go to an island
  • Relax by the beach

You know, the usual self-care tips people say will make you feel more relaxed and AH-MAZING.

Now I throw up in my mouth when I hear something like this. The other day I actually went to a massage and all I could think of was: “When is it going to be over?” And, can we take a moment and ask who am I to actually get a massage now? Jeff Bezos’ daughter?

I hate when I think I’ve wasted something as valuable as time. And I don’t like spending money if there’s no return on that investment. I didn’t feel rejuvenated at all. Is that why I’m getting a massage? To lay there and feel useless for 30 minutes and like I’ve wasted precious resources? It wasn’t my first time getting a massage and I always feel the same way. That’s nice, when can I go?

To actually relax, I want to do things. To experience things. Things that make memories. When more things happen – I relax, it helps me reduce stress naturally. And that’s the case for everyone, because I’m like everyone else. Also because some studies say so. So, they say the best things are free and here are 9 easy ways to actually recharge and relax for free.

9 Easy Ways To Actually Relax For Free

1. Wake up early and catch the sunrise

It’s always a good reminder that we’re just some teeny tiny microbes in a huge universe. We don’t need to be smart, we don’t need to be beautiful, we don’t need to be perfect, we don’t need to be anything. We’re just a part of all this. Not good or bad. We simply are. Everything I am or you are stressed about – does not matter in this huge universe. Therefore: catch a sunrise every now and then.

2. Stretch or Yoga or Play A Game or Anything

You know what I was thinking while that guy was massaging my back? (except “when is it going to be over?!!!”). I thought, THE WHOLE TIME: I could’ve done some yoga. Yoga would help. I went to that massage because I had neck and shoulder pain. When I left I still had neck and shoulder pain. But you know what happens when I try a 20-minute yoga video for neck and shoulders? Less pain and super relaxed! It’s like magic.

Same for ANY type of exercise – not just the boring yoga and stretch type (love you, yoga!). I feel more relaxed after a run, after a dance workout, after a barre workout, even after losing a basketball game on Tuesday night. Exercise is FREE and it is, in my opinion, one of the best things you could do for your mental health.

3. Take a day trip. Anywhere.

When you get into a routine and every day seems like the one before, the last month is a huge blur – take a day trip. Anywhere. You could go to a park and spend the day outside, having a picnic, you could visit museums in your city you’ve never seen, you don’t need to go far. I’ve experienced this time and time again and love it. You go somewhere new for a day and feel like you’ve been away from it all for weeks.

4. Go out with friends OR almost friends

Going out with friends is always fun. You laugh, you’re happy, you can be you. But. Going out with the same friends, doing the same things over and over again will not be too relaxing. You cannot make many new memories like that. Switch things up, go out somewhere else, do something different or go out with different people every now and then. It will either make you appreciate your own friends or you’ll make even more friends. You never know what’s going to happen when you change a few things about your routine.

5. Get into the water

Since I started my 30 Day Morning Workout Challenge I’ve been going to the beach in the morning to: 1st watch the sunrise, 2nd do a quick workout. So there, the other day I saw a guy my dad’s age who arrived, took off most of his clothes and went for a long refreshing swim in the calm water wearing his speedo.

It was a moment of pure peaceful jealousy on my side. Like I want to do that. I want to wake up and start my day with a swim and just be free. I LOVE WATER. But there I was. Doing my full-body workout trying to pretend it’s as good as swimming in calm, clear waters. I wish I was more spontaneous and would just go for a swim too. I’m working on it.

So be spontaneous, if you live somewhere near water where you can go swimming, why not start your day with this?

6. Play an instrument

Okay, so this might be different for you. But for me – I’ve always wanted to learn an instrument. 4 years ago I rented a small apartment that had a piano in it. I cannot play the piano, but did I not play it? Of course I did. It was so relaxing. And I was actually better than I thought. In my opinion. Music is very therapeutic and playing an instrument can help a lot with stress relief.

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7. Gardening

Nothing more rewarding or relaxing than growing your own food. You get to experience the miracle of life. You put a seed into the ground, you water it, take care of it and then you harvest the result. Plus you get a great workout. This is one of my goals for the next years – learn how to garden and grow my own food.

8. DIY

Jars, cans, bottles, cereal boxes, clothes. You can transform ANYTHING into something useful. And don’t we all love transformations? a) You save money. b) You kinda save the environment a little bit. DIY work forces you to be present, focused and to follow through on what you’ve started. So it’s very relaxing and recharging.

9. Home Organization

I am not a very organized person. In fact, I’m ALL OVER THE PLACE. ALL THE TIME. But when I do, I really enjoy organizing my home. I put on some music, I dance, I clean I organize and all of a sudden – everything is in its proper place. It’s just so peaceful. I think clear and I can start brand new.

Well, if you’ve been stressed lately, I hope you got some new ideas on how to ACTUALLY reduce stress naturally and relax (without feeling useless) for absolutely FREE.

One self-care thing I didn’t mention is that on and off I write down everything that goes through my mind. This has been a very positive change for me, I’ve talked about it before and I could only recommend it. If you’ve got many things on your mind – take them first to paper, then if needed into action!

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