30-Day Self-Improvement Challenge

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This 30-day self-improvement challenge comes with a habit tracker and will help you create good daily habits and a lifestyle you love! Plan better, bring structure to your days, improve your health and fitness and reach your biggest goals! If you’re wanting to be more productive, live a better life and get into a good daily routine this year already, you can get started with the personal development challenge right away!

I’ve been going through some difficult times lately. Times, when I’m feeling stressed out and just like my head isn’t in the right place. I’m out of my workout routine, I’m out of my work routine and my home is a mess. More than that, my mind is in constant overdrive. I’m on my phone more often than not doing pretty much nothing and being connected 16/7. Is this a thing? I don’t have my phone when I sleep, so I guess I can scratch those 8 hours. I hate it. Seriously, I do, and I can feel, actually feel, the impact this has on my brain, my mental and physical health.

I also always seem to overschedule myself. There are at least 100 things on my must-do list every week and I end up doing other things. Still productive, but also stressed out, since I didn’t get to some of the most important things done.

So, yes, this challenge is for me, I made the printable for myself to help me prioritize and stay focused on what’s important day by day. We’re currently massively distracted and this is the thing keeping us from living the life we want and deserve.

In case you’re going through something similar and want to pick yourself up for you, your family, your friends and for your community, then this challenge for you too.

I had gotten started on it in late September this year, but I had to move out of an apartment and long story short – didn’t follow through. But for the 10 days that I did it, it worked so well. My workout routine was great, I felt way happier, eating my vegetables, I was writing every day and my home was clean. I could breathe and be present. I want that again. So, here are the daily habits and structure that I will focus on for the next 30 days.

30-minute walk.

No phone, no music, no podcast, just you. It’s time to pause, reflect and let your mind run. With social media, work and emails we’re losing this. And it’s so essential for being human, for doing better. Preserve and nourish your thoughts, your original thoughts, your imagination, your dreams, your ideas. It is the best thing you have. Walking also reduces stress, helps you connect with nature, which hard to believe, but we’re a part of and will therefore always be good for us. And it also helps to get your steps in.

Do something creative for an hour.

It’s so important to let your creativity play every day. Make space for it. For me, it’s writing and photography these days, but one of my goals for the next year will be to learn how to play guitar. I’ve always loved music and I really want to get deeper into it and hopefully create my own songs one day. I’m also working on a recipe binder that I’m really excited about, so that will also fall into this category.

Write down some creative activities that you want to do for work, or a skill you want to develop to help you make a living. And take at least an hour of your day to work on that. Practice creates greatness.

Do an admin task for 30-60 minutes.

This can be anything work-related or personal finance-related that you’ve been procrastinating to do. In my case, this is paying bills, creating invoices, scheduling social media, and answering emails. While I don’t procrastinate on things like creating, I can drag admin tasks for months and always make excuses. Making it a part of my daily routine and keeping it to an hour max will definitely help.

Get your life together task.

Cleaning, laundry, groceries – whatever needs to get done to help your personal life at home run smoothly.

30-Minute workout.

Over the last 2 years, there’ve been more and more online workouts available. And really good ones. I personally love Heather Robertson’s workouts and I’ll be doing her strength and HIIT workouts. I also want to get outside more, so I’ll start running in the morning as well. Switch it up. A good workout routine makes me feel so good and helps me not only get stronger and leaner, but also think super clear. This is definitely a priority for the next 30 days.

Pick the type or types of workouts you want to do during the week, create a workout plan and stay consistent.

Eating healthy.

We want to keep it simple. Eating healthy can mean different things to different people. To me, it looks like eating more and a variety of vegetables. At least 7 servings a day. Also avoiding excess sugar, high GI-foods, processed foods, gluten and dairy. You define what type of diet works for you and do your best by preparing or ordering food that you enjoy and that is good for your body.


Get into a routine of taking your most needed vitamins daily. I personally am always low on vitamin D, even when I go on my walks and spend a lot of time outside, so I need to make taking my supplement a habit.

Hobby or Self-Care

Make some time for a hobby or self-care. This can be anything: reading, painting, even taking a long bath. In my case, this will probably become knitting on most days. I’ve always found it incredibly boring and silly, but I’m getting older and wiser and it just seems right. I’ve already ordered some wool and can’t wait to learn how to do it.

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