Healthy No-Bake Chocolate Cookies

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Last updated on December 16th, 2020 at 02:51 pm

Sometimes I hate chocolate, sometimes I want to wrap myself in chocolate and pretend I’m special – I call that time “Christmas” or every month around my period. Last Christmas I gave you my heart, this year, I’ll give you the recipe for these super easy healthy no-bake chocolate cookies. They’re almost better than my heart and are a healthy chocolate snack that you can eat whenever you get those cravings.

Healthy No-Bake Chocolate Cookies

Honestly, what do you feel when you read the words “Healthy No-Bake Chocolate Cookies“?

  • A. Excited
  • B. Nada
  • C. They’ll Taste Like Feet (aka sad)

If you’ve answered C, then you might be very much like me. First of all, you’ve obviously eaten feet, so you know what to expect. I also have some experience in that department, because there were quite a few times I’ve eaten chicken feet in sesame oil with my friend at our favorite Chinese restaurant – the only one that was open at 2 am. That was when I was young, bold and didn’t have a hunchback. So about 3 years ago. The looks you get when you order feet wearing a nice dress and a tired face and then actually eat them. They’re all just jealous of how graceful, elegant and sophisticated you look.

Anyway, sorry to disappoint you, but these no-bake cookies don’t taste like feet. They’re actually very rich, famous and tasty. I forgot I was supposed to write second of all…I don’t remember where I was going, but let’s move on, okay?

I made a big batch, which is something I never do because I usually eat everything myself and often right then and there.

Blog Update: Recipe Videos

My sister and I started shooting videos for our recipes now. We get together cook and film. It’s apparently something I should’ve been doing for at least 2 years now. Who knew? I thought I was gonna hate it so much, because everything needs to be clean and bright and I shouldn’t just eat stuff straight out of the pan…But it’s actually so much fun! Every recipe takes me like four thousand years to tape, and I’m hunrgy, but I love it.

I’m gonna be honest – I was in a little bit of a rut, I didn’t feel like doing much over the last 4-5 months, but this – it’s just really exciting again. And I’ve been reshooting new and old recipes, trying to improve them where I can, so I’ll be updating some of the older recipes with new pictures, videos and tips if there are any. But my recipes are usually perfect like my hair.

I also wonder why nobody makes bloopers for recipe videos. I bet they’d be funny. I know from mine, there’s a lot of self-talk, not the motivational one – the crazy one, where you narrate yourself through everything you do or intend to do. There’s also a lot of spilling things and way too many eating noises. Now, obviously I’m not gonna be the first one to share those bloopers, because I’d like to think I can keep at least some of my dignity after that chicken feet story and all of my other stories.

Now let’s talk a bit about the cookies and then wrap this up.

No-Bake Cookies Taste

So these aren’t super sweet. I do not know which level of sweetness you’re used to, but I usually don’t like things overly sweet. Especially with chocolate. I like them rich. And I like dark chocolate and nut butters. If you don’t like dark chocolate and expect these to be milk chocolate, please don’t make them. You’ll hate me. And I don’t like people hating me, because I’m a people pleaser.

Healthy No-Bake Chocolate Cookie Ingredients

Peanut Butter. Or almond butter or any nut butter. I know many people don’t like peanuts, because unlike tree nuts they grow underground where it’s dark and cold. But seriously, you can’t change where you come from, so don’t judge them for that. I’ve tried these also with almond butter and walnut butter and walnut butter has been my favorite.

Dark Chocolate. Not many people love dark chocolate, but I’m a big fan. I always buy the 85% one, because it’s just the right amount of sweetness for me. Dark chocolate is very good for your cardiovascular health (source) and is a great source of antioxidants that can benefit your overall health too.

Oats are probably most famous for their ability to reduce cholesterol levels and to help you go to the bathroom. When you don’t have a friend to go to the bathroom with, you take oats and they can give you the emotional support you need as a woman going to a bathroom. Other than that oats contain some health-promoting nutrients like beta-glucan (a kind of fiber) and avenanthramides (antioxidants with anti-inflamamtory, anti-itching and anti-proliferative properties), that are very unique to them.

Chopped Nuts. Feel free to use any type of nuts here. I like to use walnuts or almonds, because these have a very good nutritional profile and because I like them most.

Coconut Oil is healthy and has the best smell. We use a little bit to mix with that melted dark chocolate.

There it is: 5 ingredients + 10 minutes = healthy chocolate dessert

I usually would eat one or two of these – whenever I crave something chocolate. My sister though, she has a huge sweet tooth, so she’d eat 4-5 of these. Still better than the Lindt balls she gets from the store, but be mindful here as these can really add up. It’s best to share them with friends or family, or with your future self for the rest of the week.

For Special Occasions

Update December 2020: Now, I’ve been making these cookies almost every week for a year now and I wouldn’t change a thing. But, lately, I’ve been spending a lot of time indoors and the idea of making these in different shapes started to sound really appealing, new and like something I wanted to do. So I grabbed the dusty cookie shapes we had at home and poured some of the mixture into those shapes, then let them get firm in the fridge. The result: no-bake cookies in Christmas shapes. I had one gingerbread man, a deer, a shooting star, a bell and a Christmas tree that did not make it for the professional photoshoot.

It was a bit messy, but the most exciting thing I did lately. I know the gingerbread man looks as if he’s had better days and as if he needs surgery asap…But he should not be complaining. Just look at the poor deer.

It’s really tricky to get those tiny feet and hands out, you know? Well, I know and now the poor baby deer knows too. Or is it a dog? A rabbit?

DIY: Since I’m an expert, I’ll give you a little tutorial. You press them out from the backside and it’s probably a better idea to freeze them and not just refrigerate. I mean, anyone who’s over 8 probably knows how to do this better than me. It was just an idea, mkay? You’re welcome.

Alright, now let’s get to the recipe. I hope you enjoy these and your pre-Christmas time. HO HO HO.

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