My Healthy Breakfast Wrap

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Last updated on November 16th, 2020 at 04:05 pm

That’s right, this is my healthy breakfast wrap – it’s filled with vegetables, some lightly scrambled eggs and that’s pretty much it. You can make it in 10 minutes and it’s pretty easy, filling and tasty.

No sauce, no nothing, because apparently, I lack the taste buds for foods that aren’t dry.

When my brother in law tells me “Oh this is way overcooked. It’s so dry!” and then chokes and coughs as if he’s having asthma – it means nothing to me.

“What do you mean? It’s perfect. And do something about that bronchitis, already. You’ve had it since my last batch of muffins.”

Other than probably needing a sauce, I think you’ll enjoy this wrap. It’s super simple and you get to eat broccoli, spinach, and avocado for breakfast and not in the form of a smoothie. Which is the ultimate goal of life.

Also, I just got back from another 15-minute run and I honestly love it. But! I don’t run like everyone else. I am a special case.

You know how they say: Slow and steady wins the race? Yeah, I don’t do that. I run really fast and free like a child and then stop, walk and then run again. With some music on, it’s the best thing in the world.

And it makes me want to fuel my body better, because I wanna be able to run even faster, so that people don’t see me. “Was that???….Oh, it was probably just a hallucination.”…But it was actually me and I stole an old tissue from your pocket.

Now, time to celebrate today’s success with another breakfast wrap.

How To Make A Healthy Breakfast Wrap

To make a healthy breakfast wrap I use this highly complicated formula (I hope you’re good at math!):

1 big tortilla + 1 cup greens + 1 avocado + protein (eggs, tofu, chickpeas)

You need to cook the broccoli and the eggs, everything else you could just chop and fill. Chop and fill.

If the avocado and tomato don’t make this wrap non-dry enough for you, add some sauce of your choice or make this one (it’s one of my favorites!)


Vegan. To make this wrap vegan, you can use chickpeas (like here) or tofu instead of the eggs.

Gluten-Free And Low-Carb. To make it gluten-free or low-carb simply use a gluten-free or low-carb tortilla for wrapping. I saw someone on Youtube make a flaxseed tortilla a while ago and it kinda blew my mind. We get very creative when we decide we’re gonna cut something out of our lives. Like carbs. Or in-laws. No idea how it tastes though. I’m thinking of going gluten-free for a month in September or October. Unnecessary information, I know.

Or…If you want to go really healthy with this wrap – wrap it in more salad, like a lettuce leaf. Add some seeds and nuts to make it a bit more filling then.

Here’s the recipe!

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