Vegan Quinoa Sushi Bowl

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Last updated on November 18th, 2020 at 11:41 am

If you’re looking for a quick and healthy vegan lunch recipe with quinoa that tastes like sushi – this is it. It’s a vegan quinoa sushi bowl with avocado, gluten-free and very tasty.

It’s healthy, spicy (thanks to that nose blowing wasabi), tastes like sushi (genius), super easy and takes about 5 min to make. It’s also gluten-free and if you don’t add any fish – vegan.

Anyone who knows me knows that Im not very fancy when it comes to food. I love basic stuff – falafels, wraps, lentils, chickpeas and their gasses afterwards.

But a few weeks ago I was deeply desiring a sushi. You know how out of nowhere you start thinking of a certain food and you just can’t stop? And then you start googling all kinds of recipes with it?

Yeah, that.

In my mind I was picturing something yummy with quinoa instead of rice to add a little spark and nutrition to my boring and lately undernourished life. In reality I knew I can’t make quinoa sushi. I’ve tried. What I can make when I try to make quinoa sushi is a big mess – I don’t know what I’m doing wrong.

Therefore: quinoa sushi bowl. You just throw stuff together in a bowl and call it sushi bowl. And then you’re cool like the people on Instagram.

I did use some inspiration from this awesome recipe here – it said 5 minute sushi bowl. There are two things I like about the title of that recipe: 5 minute & sushi. That recipe fulfilled all my expectations – 5 minutes and it tastes like sushi.

My only unanswered quetion about sushi bowls is how do you eat them? Do you use a fork? Sticks? Spoons or some new invention? Somebody told me about some freak invention between a fork and a spoon (a foon??).

Might be old, after all a few weeks I saw a fish knife for the first time at one fish “restaurant” and I had no idea what to do with it. I thought it was a joke – I can’t cut with it, I can’t comb my hair with it, I can’t sing with it…seriously what is it good for?

So I’ll be the first to admit it – here I used a large spoon. I really made sure everything from that bowl made it safely into my mouth.

Note: For this recipe I used some mediterranian mushrooms from a jar at first (see picture), but I actually liked the bowl better without them. Avocado, peppers and that amazing wasabi dressing make the whole thing complete. So if you don’t have a jar of mushrooms – let it go, don’t really need it.

You’ll also need some cooked + cooled quinoa for this.

Health and beauty benefits

I’m pretty happy with the health benefits of this quinoa bowl too. First of all: I did not have to take a nap after lunch, so that’s a good start. Second – I love how nutritious this bowl is: protein, iron, vitamin C, Bs, calcium, omega-3’s, fiber…Pretty impressive for something made in just about 5 min.

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