3-Minute Morning Workout To Start Your Day

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Last updated on March 18th, 2019 at 06:42 am

It’s amazing what you can do in 3 minutes.

I did this 3-minute morning workout the other day when I spent 15 minutes looking for a short morning workout on Youtube.

Then I just decided to make my own workout. You know what they say: If you can’t find something, make it yourself.

Nobody says that.

Lately I’ve not been getting enough sleep. I’m trying to get up early and then I’m tired and grumpy for the rest of the day. If I was a cat I’d be Instagram famous by now. Now I’m just an average human being.

Well, with the lack of sleep my workout routine and eating routine is suffering almost as much as I am right now listening to something that I’m pretty sure is Rammstein in a coffee shop. Who plays Rammstein at 8am?

Or is it Blink 182? Was that the band who collaborated with Jay Z on numb/encored? OMG, dementia.

Well, before I start breaking things and banging my head here, let me share the quick workout.

In the morning I like some cardio + arm & shoulder movement to lift my spirits and to really wake up. I feel like this combination is giving me life. So this workout – exactly this.

I felt amazing after it. Like my shoulders relaxed, I felt alive and I had a good feeling throughout the day. Also my posture was great.

Today I tried to do it again, but I’m EXTRA tired and did only the jumping jacks part. I’ll do a pilates workout later ( I already said that yesterday, but hey most days it happens!).

But in case you’re not that tired, do it. It’s about 3 minutes (it was shorter than an Ed Sheeran song).



Remember to go at your own pace with these and no need to go with counts. You can also set a timer for 30 sec work/20-30 sec rest and do this for 3 minutes total. Also, I have to say it again: please consult your doctor when you’re starting this or any other exercise regimen.


3-Minute Energizing Morning Workout


50 Jumping Jacks (demo)

50 high-knee skips (instructions)*

10 burpees (demo)

50 criss cross jacks (demo)


* I added a little elbow to knee twist to really get my back & abs involved. You can also simply do high knees (demo) here.


I hope you enjoy this workout, anddd update: I did it today again, but modified to 30 criss cross jacks (those are hard!). Had a nice walk after, feeling great and now ready to get to work.


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