Beginner Workout To Shape Your Butt Without Leaving Your Mat

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Here’s a quick butt workout you can do at home, or anywhere you want, it’s very beginner-friendly.

I did this one of the five times I went to the gym last month.

(Yes, I paid for a gym membership and went 5 times, who am I, Bill Gates to spend money like that?)

It’s made of very simple but effective exercises to lift and shape your butt.

All you basically have to do is stay on your mat and lift your legs in different directions a few times. Got it?


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What I love about this exercise routine (besides being able to tone your booty without leaving the mat) is that it targets your butt, but doesn’t work your legs too much. Meaning your butt will lift, but your legs won’t get bulky (if you’re like me and that’s something you’re terrified of).


If you have no time right now, pin it for later 🙂




Beginner Butt Workout

This beginner booty workout is made out of 4 different exercises and the goal is to complete the whole set for each leg 3 times. If you cannot, do the best you can!

At all times, make sure you keep your core tight and your spine neutral to prevent injury.


20 Donkey Kicks (demo)

20 Donkey Pulses (demo)

15 Diagonal Butt Kickbacks (demo)

25 Side Leg Raises (demo)


Repeat for the other leg. Rest and repeat 2 more times for both legs, for a total of three rounds.

I additionally did 5 min warm up (walking) + 10 min light jog after the workout and some stretching exercises.


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