Healthy No-Bake Almond Butter Cookies (Energy Balls)

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These 4-ingredient no-bake almond butter cookies are paleo, gluten-free, vegan (use maple syrup) and my favorite healthy treat. I believe I’m very humble saying that everyone should make these. You start by making the most delicious energy balls with almond butter, cashews and flaxseed and then you turn them into cookies.

Update: I originally made this recipe as energy balls in September, but they were so delicious and I loved them so much I made them a few times after. Last time I decided to put a roasted almond on top of each ball, to make them look pretty. And now we’ve got delicious cookies. Keep them in the fridge, because they do melt like snow when they’re not cool. Okay, I haven’t updated the copy for this post, so you’ll still read the same smart ideas.

So excuse moi, but this will be real quick!

And now you’re like:

“Excuse yoi? I couldn’t care less about your long monologues anyway”

Seriously, I don’t even have time to be offended right now. I’m batch-writing some recipes and I’m kinda tired and I really have to pee. I paint a better picture than Bob Ross, I know, I’m the world’s 8th wonder.

So, I made these energy bites yesterday and they’re pretty amazing. Like you’ll want to eat them all yourself, but also you’ll be so proud you made them that you’ll want to share with others to show off.

And, yesterday we learned that Stella actually does share food, because I made and gave these to my dad as a small DIY present for his birthday. Which is perfect since he needs to be avoiding sugar.

And no you can’t guess when his birthday is, since I’m writing this in advance and am now probably somewhere in France.

Yes, that’s the reason for the whole moi and yoi thing. Also because I know a lot of other French words like: madame, merci, Chanel, Paris and I think that’s it. Give me my C2 level!

What’s In These Energy Balls

  • Almond Butter – you can also use natural peanut butter or any type of nut butter you like. If it’s not natural – don’t use it. The ingredient list should only be: peanuts.
  • Roasted Cashews – unsalted, raw might also work, but I was craving roasted and have no regrets. I could eat bags of roasted cashews.
  • Flaxseed – make sure to keep your flaxseeds in the fridge and to grind them before using in recipes, this makes sure to preserve the omega-3’s.
  • Honey. I love honey and I used one Tbsp for the entire batch – it was perfectly sweet.

How To Make Healthy No-Bake Almond Butter Cookies

Pretty simple and very easy.

You mix the almond butter with ground cashews and flax meal in a bowl, add in the honey mix it all together and you’re halfway there.

Next comes making the balls. I use a Tbsp to take some of the “batter” and then roll it into a ball with my bare hands, that I may or may not have dipped in water.

Once you have the balls you need to roll them in ground nuts, shredded coconut or whatever you like. I had ground and chopped some cashews and this made for a really good coating.

I only felt sorry for the ball falling down from such a height.

Kinda reminded me of the other day when I saw my little nephew playing with his minion toy and holding him on the edge of the couch. “The minion” was begging in his little toddler language to not be let down. At one point my nephew went “Byeeee”, gave him a kiss and dropped him on the floor. Was the most adorable thing ever.

Vegan And Low Carb Options

These no-bake cookies can be whatever they want to be – they’re free, single, young, bold and the beautiful.

Seriously am I the only one who has ever watched The bold and the beautiful with her grandma?

OMG, it is still running!!!!! And it has 8000 episodes!!!!!!!!!!!!! (Exclaim) I have some catching up to do here. Haven’t watched it in like 25 years.

Okay, are you still here? Remember how this was going to be short? Yeah, that’s what I thought as well.

Vegan option: use maple syrup and not honey (I know someone should give me a Nobel prize for creativity and inventiveness)

Low Carb option: use stevia and not honey (another brilliant idea, they keep coming to me, I cannot stop it!) and also use walnuts instead of cashews. That’s it!

These almond butter cookies are naturally paleo and gluten-free.

I hope you enjoy them and let me know if you make them, I would love your feedback on these!

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