Mediterranean Meatball Wraps

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Mediterranean meatball wraps? Really? Yes, and they’re delicious. In fact, these might be among my favorite healthy Mediterranean dinner recipes ever.

Well, you know I like to exaggerate. But they are! Because they’re flavorful, they’re nutritious, they’re easy to make and are the perfect meal prep recipe! So if you’re looking for healthy dinner ideas inspired by the Mediterranean diet – these meatball wraps are it!

Speaking of IT…what do you think of when you hear the word “it”?

1/ The scary clown that kept me up all night when I was a 6-7 year old?

2/ Or the cousin Itt? The one with the long hair from the Adams family?

I tend to think more often about the clown…but not as often as I think about food. Usually Mediterranean food.

I know that smooth transition surprised me as well. I just had a coffee and my mind is on fire! FIREEEEE!

Okay, so meatballs. Well, I already introduced them to you here, but then…did you know you could use them to make your own bowls or wraps. I like the wraps more. Why? I don’t know, food that I don’t need utensils for has my heart. Also, food wrapped in bread – are you kidding me? I hear wedding bells.

Now granted, I didn’t use traditional bread, because I’m told I can’t handle it. So, I made my own as if I was living in the 50s in the little house on the Prairie. So I rolled up those sleeves, I bought oats, ground them with a blender, added some olive oil, salt and hot water and voila – the dough was almost ready. I smashed it with my gentle, yet hard-working hands with blisters on them, baked it and thus – the flatbread for these Mediterranean meatball wraps was born. If you need a better recipe, I got the inspo from this Youtube video.

Now tell me you don’t want to hear that amazing story again. In like an audiobook or a podcast. Pulitzer, here I come.

Mediterranean Meatball Wraps Ingredients

For the making of these Mediterranean meatball wraps you’ll need minced meat, vegetables, spices and herbs, yogurt of choice and bread of choice. You’ll basically be making 3 small separate dishes:

Meatballs. We’ll leave out the bread crumbs and the eggs, but add in herbs, spices and thinly chopped vegetables to the minced meat. You can use whichever type of meat you enjoy most.

Tzatziki. This is the reason you need yogurt! You can probably go for dairy-free yogurt if you’re dairy-free, but myself, whenever I want a dairy-free tzatziki I make this cashew-based version. If using yogurt, you’ll just need to add salt, garlic, cucumber and dill to it and you’ll have the best sauce ever.

Salad. I made a lettuce salad, because it was spring when I filmed the recipe. But when I make the wraps during summer – a tomato cucumber salad would be my choice. So, get some lettuce, radishes, dill, spring onions, lemon juice, olive oil, salt and vinegar and put your salad together.

How To Make Mediterranean Meatball Wraps

If you want to make these Mediterranean meatball wraps for dinner, prepare to multitask! That way you could have the wraps ready in about 30-40 minutes. Here’s what you need to do.

Start with the meatballs. Mix the ingredients for the meatballs, massage them together, then bake on each side for about 20 minutes.

While they’re baking you can make the salad, tzatziki and chop the olives too. So, wash and chop the vegetables for the salad, add them to a bowl and toss with lemon juice or vinegar, olive oil and salt and pepper.

For the tzatziki use yogurt of choice, some dill and a thinly chopped cucumber. Add some garlic and salt and mix mix mix. It’s ready.

Now your meatballs are ready to take out, so assemble the wraps or if you’re a more composed person, who likes to sit at a table and eat from a plate with utensils – turn these into bowls.

Add salad, and meatballs, top everything off with the tzatziki and sprinkle some olives on top – your amazing Mediterranean dinner recipe is ready!


Now, while I was eating the Mediterranean meatball wraps and making a mess everywhere, I thought to myself: “You know what, this would’ve been so much easier to eat if the meatballs were just one big giant sausage.”

The other voice in my head said: “People call those kebabs.”

And then the third voice said: “It’s getting cold, keep eating”.

And so I did. But one of the voices had a good idea! If you’re a messy eater like me – you can try shaping the meatballs into kebabs. Then you’ll have, well, a kebab. And no meatballs will fall out in the process. Don’t worry all of them were saved and eaten. Ah, those homeless dogs, they love me. No, I’m just kidding I ate the meatballs. You know, I don’t like to share food. That’s my struggle with the Mediterranean diet guidelines.

So that’s one option, then the other options include making a tomato cucumber salad, adding some hummus or even a roasted veggie dip. Whatever you choose!

Meal Prep

To meal prep these Mediterranean meatball wraps for an easy dinner option or lunch, you’ll need to:

  • make the meatballs
  • mix together the tzatziki
  • prep salad ingredients – basically wash and chop vegetables

Put everything into separate containers or divide into meal prep containers with compartments. Once it’s time to eat – you know what to do. Fill a pita or tortilla with those things and eat! I like to heat up the meatballs first though!

More Healthy Mediterranean Dinner Ideas

Well, I hope you try and love these delicious Mediterranean meatball wraps if you give them a go! If you’re looking for more healthy Mediterranean dinner ideas, make sure to check out these recipes as well:

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