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Here’s a quick ab workout to try at home or at the gym, so you can strengthen your core and obliques. This one’s for everyone out there who wants a smaller waist and who might want to start hating side planks less.

If you’re anything like me, you probably hate, I repeat: HATE, side planks. Normal planks – can live with them. But side planks? There’s something very sadistic about those. They suck the joy out of life, man.

But, as we all know, you can’t just do what you love in life. No, no silly. That’s not real life. People say it is, because they’re lying. Sometimes, you’ve got to do the things you hate, so you can make some progress. And sometimes those things are called side planks. Those suckers aren’t easy or enjoyable, but can really make a difference for your core strength and are the best thing for your obliques.

So today we’re doing side planks – a few variations of them, actually.

In this quick and “fun” ab workout I’ve also included some awesome rotational movements to really target your core and especially your obliques.

So if you want to shape your waist do this workout at least 3 times a week and try to stay consistent! You’ll get results fast enough.

Smaller Waist Workout To Tone Your Obliques

This ab workout consists of 6 moves. If you’re short on time, but want a little toning session – do one round of this. If you have more time repeat the whole thing three times for a complete workout. Make sure to rest between sets and to hydrate properly.

Move #1: Plank Hip Dips, 20x

via Health Magazine

Move #2: Plank Jumps, 10x

via Brawlers

Move #3: Side Plank Dips, 15x – Each Side

via LivestrongWoman

Move #4: Side Plank With Arm Reach, 15x – Each Side

via Howcast

Move #5:Russian Twist, 20x

via LivestrongWoman

Move #6: Spiderman Plank, 20x

via XHIT Daily

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