Spelt and Sunflower Seeds Bread

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Last updated on July 30th, 2018 at 07:52 am

How I love bread. So simple, yet so special and fulfilling. The smell of freshly baked bread cannot be compared to anything – it’s intoxicating. It warms my heart and soul and brings back childhood memories, when all food was natural and nobody was working in front of a computer, but was living life. Freshly baked bread is the food I would love to be wrapped inside of, lay cozy inside, take a nap inside and just eat my way out of it after I wake up.

Unfortunately bread is not something you should eat a lot if you’re trying to lose weight. I know a lot of people think that you could just switch to whole grain breads and just be good like that, but for me this doesn’t work for several reasons. Okay maybe two reasons.

First of all – not all whole grain breads are good for you. Only the flat really really dark ones, which are made EXCLUSIVELY out of grains and seeds, without any additives and colorants are healthy. Not only are they rare to find, but also they taste awful and they don’t have less calories than normal white bread.

Second of all – like I said – THE TASTE. Whole grain bread doesn’t even deserve to be called bread. Nothing intoxicating, warming and worth being wrapped inside of.

To me – either eat real bread, or don’t eat bread at all. And that’s why whenever I feel I want a wrap, sandwich or a burger – I just go for the real thing. And it’s best if you make them yourself – it’s simple, doesn’t take that long and the taste is incomparable to anything you could buy in a store.

To make a little compromise I put together these breads last week – I used spelt flour and sunflower seeds, instead of just all-purpose flour. And they turned out amazing. If I didn’t make them myself and I didn’t know, I wouldn’t even notice that they’re made with spelt flour.

And then intoxication is in the air.

After they cooled off a little bit, I took the buns out of the oven and wrapped them in a cloth, so they stay soft and don’t dry out.

You can use these buns for burgers, sandwiches or just have them with your main dish, or if you eat butter, put some butter on them and eat simply like that.

Please do it for me – try them with some butter while still warm, soft and soulful. Oh my god. Bread and butter, people underestimate these magical words. Especially bread.


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