Quick Fat-Burning HIIT Workout

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Try this quick HIIT beginner workout to burn calories and feel great, even if you don’t have any time today.


You know what? I hate HIIT, hate Tabata and quite honestly I don’t understand why people call them different names. Same thing if you ask me.

Aha, now I googled it and turns out Tabata is a form of HIIT (here’s where I read it). Ha, I guess I learned something today.

To me whatever you call it, a HIIT/Tabata workout goes something like:

“Here do these exercises, they’re hard, but you’ll figure it out. No complaints, soldier! Do them as fast as you can in 30 seconds, then rest for a little bit, then do them again. And then you’re free to throw up and cry in the corner”.

What a relief.

But, as much as HIIT makes me want to roll into a ball and forget I’m alive, I can’t help but admit that those workouts have been the most effective. I started doing them in 2011 and they have brought me the quickest results.

They make me feel stronger and leaner. And after only a few weeks of HIIT workouts, running seems like it’s nothing.

Now here’s my favorite, go-to full-body HIIT workout. It’s suitable for beginners, but can be as tough as you want it to be. You can do more reps, jump higher or be as quick as possible.

I’d usually do this kind of workout 2-3 times a week and my favorite time to do it is in the morning. It makes me feel better for the rest of the day, but you can do it whenever you find time (it’s less than 10 minutes).


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Quick HIIT Workout To Lose Fat


This workout is made of 4 basic, but intense full-body moves that aim to build strength and burn calories. Repeat for 3 rounds. And remember to play your favorite workout music!


50 High Knees

15 Burpees

50 Jumping Jacks

30 Mountain Climbers



Complete each exercise as quickly as possible, without sacrificing form and rest for 20 seconds in between.

Notes: I usually do 3 full rounds and it’s more than enough. I also perform the exercises in this order, because I feel like high knees and jumping jacks are the easier movements for me. This allows me to take shorter rests and to give it my all during the harder exercises like burpees and mountain climbers.

*remember to do a short warm up (1-2min) before this workout – I do some marching in place with shoulder rolls and walk outs. And I do stretch after, so I can work out the next day too.



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Benefits of this HIIT workout

  • works your entire body – each move works many different muscles which makes this workout very effective
  • you can do it ANYWHERE AND ANYTIME
  • don’t need ANY equipment
  • burns a lot of calories (even after you’re done)
  • strengthens your body
  • can reduce belly fat (if diet is also on point)
  • improves your cardiovascular health
  • better mood and more productive throughout the day (my favorite part)
  • no more neck and shoulder pain
  • great to lose weight and build strength at the same time


I hope you enjoy this, it is my favorite HIIT workout, as it’s so effective and boosts my mood.




Now, here are the demonstrations of each move.



High Knees (50)

demonstrated by XHIT Daily


Burpees (15)

demonstrated by FitnessBlender


Jumping Jacks (50)

demonstrated by Howcast


Mountain Climbers (30)

Demonstrated by LivestrongWoman


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