Awesome Avocado Dill Dip Recipe for Beautiful Skin

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Last updated on November 17th, 2020 at 12:52 pm

This vegan, alkaline, gluten-free and garlic-rich avocado dip is a very versatile and a multitasking fellow.

It’s a true Beauty Bite and whether you eat it or put it on your skin or hair – it can do miracles.

The ingredients complement each other in a very gentle and beautiful way and if you let the avocado dill dip do what it does best – perform in a Wrap – you will be amazed.

It gives a nice fresh and flavorful contrast to a cooked meal (lentils, potatoes, chickpeas, beans), which makes it complete.

I normally use this avocado dill dip in the traditional way – as food. And today I had it as well. It’s perfect for wraps, burritos, tortillas, tacos, carambaaa…


I use this dip or sauce or whatever you’d like to call it in a number of meals. It has a very fresh, yet fragrant flavor thanks to our buddy Garlic.

  • Avocado is great for your skin, your hair and your health. It prevents cancer, inflammation and is bursting with antioxidants. The green fat fruit with a huge seed inside, as my mother likes to call avocado, contains Biotin, which is an important vitamin for hair and nail strength.
  • Dill has antioxidant, anti-bacterial and anti-cancer properties. It contains a lot of Iron and Calcium – both important for skin health maintenance.
  • Lemon is highly alkalizing and full of vitamin C, which is important for the synthesis of collagen – the protein, that holds the skin together and makes it nice and firm. So to summarize it: more lemonizing, less wrinkling.
  • Garlic is not the one you want to mess around with – Garlic fights cancer, viruses, fungi, bacteria, psoriasis, acne, even vampires and lowers blood pressure. It can also make your hair grow and before you know it you’ll look like cousin Itt from the Addams Family (not to be confused with Stephen King’s It – nobody should ever look like that). Can you do any of that?

And there’s more!

As you see, the ingredients of this dip are pretty great on their own. But bring them 2gether and they’re even more beneficial for your skin and health.

For example, vitamin C from the lemon increases the absorption of Selenium from the garlic. Selenium is an antioxidant mineral, shown to also prevent cancer.

Further the combination of vitamin C from lemon with vitamin E from avocado increases the antioxidant properties of both vitamins. This way evil free radicals have no chance at damaging your skin.

And now you know why I use this dip in almost every recipe. (and have even put it on my face – it’s that great)

Recipes using this avocado dill dip:

  • Vegan Lentil Tacos 
  • Vegan Potato Tacos


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