31 Easy High-Protein Vegan Recipes

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Getting enough protein on a plant-based diet is not a difficult task, especially with these easy high-protein vegan recipes.

Did you know we actually need only 0.8g of protein per kg of body weight? This means if you’re 60 kg or 130 pounds, you’d need…Divided by six, then multiplied by pi equals…48 grams of protein per day. DAY! I know shocking. And I don’t just mean those amazing math skills that have put me through school and uni without having to bribe or sleep with anyone. I mean the amount of protein we actually need. You can for sure get that amount by enjoying some of these healthy high-protein vegan meals on a daily basis. And you don’t even need to cook every day – you can meal prep some ingredients or entire meals and you can put the recipes together in under 30 minutes and improvise.

If you think you’ll only be eating tofu, soybeans and protein powder with a spoon, not necessarily. Because this list includes healthy high-protein vegan dinner recipes, tasty plant-based meal prep bowls, recipes with tofu, some vegan breakfast ideas and smoothies, as well as soy-free vegan meals all full of plant protein. I’ve also included the calories and amount of protein to make it easier!

Protein Is The Most Important Nutrient In The World

Now. Even if you’re not following a vegan diet, protein made us all believe that it’s the most amazing magical mystical nutrient and that it is very hard to get from food. Kinda like diamonds or truffles. Protein. Not iron, not zinc, not selenium, not folate, vitamin B12 or vitamin D…protein. A macronutrient. Something that you can basically find in every single whole food. It’s in broccoli, in spinach and there’s even some in bananas. But read any fitness article or watch a video on Youtube and you’d start believing that you’re some pale protein-starved loser if you’re getting less than 100g of protein a day.

Well, to be fair depending on your body and activity level you might need more protein than those 48g I mentioned before. For example, if you sit for a living you will need less protein than if you walk all day long or lift weights. The good news is, you do not need to worry about it. Even if you’re consuming a plant-based diet!

Here I’m sharing some delicious high-protein vegan meals, that you can use as inspiration. Enjoying these or similar meals will get you enough protein and will easily cover your daily needs. More than that, when you focus on eating the entire food and not just the isolate (protein powder) – you get most of the other nutrients your body needs (except for vitamin B12) and the extras – the healing phytonutrients. The vegan meals on the list are pretty cheap, easy to make, super delicious, quick and super healthy. Let’s get started!

Soy-Free High-Protein Vegan Recipes

Think tofu is the only vegan source of protein out there? Not really. Here are some delicious soy-free whole food high-protein vegan recipes that you’ll love!

1. Protein-Packed Spicy Vegan Chickpea Patties. No need for an egg or any type of flour to make these amazing chickpea patties!

Kcal: 53 | Protein: 3g

2. 10-Minute Vegan Lentil Lettuce Tacos. Light, spicy and easy to make these high-protein vegan lentil tacos are the perfect lunch or dinner idea.

Kcal: 300 | Protein: 22g

3. 15-Minute Vegan Mediterranean Chickpea Skillet. This is a super easy 15-minute high-protein vegan recipe that you can make with a can of chickpeas! The other ingredients include tomatoes, zucchini, basil and chili powder.

  • Kcal: 521 | Protein: 20g

4. Vegan Lentil Wraps 3.0.

As you will be able to tell by the end of this collection, I’m a big fan of lentil wraps. I’ve made several recipes and this is my third version that also happens to be rich in protein.

  • Kcal: 472 | Protein: 19g

5. Vegan Spicy Black Bean Burgers

If you’re craving burgers, you’ll love these! They’re made with black beans, mushrooms herbs and spices and taste fantastic!

  • Kcal: 180 | Protein: 11g

6. Vegan Coconut Lentil Curry. So, this is one of my favorite lentil recipes! It’s spicy, it’s filling, it’s fresh and it’s really delicious. Ingredients include lentils, broccoli, red curry paste, coconut milk and lemon grass or lime leaves.

  • Kcal: 310 | Protein: 14g

High-Protein Vegan Tofu Recipes

Now, if you are a fan of tofu, this section is for you! Besides protein, tofu is also rich in iron and calcium, is very versatile and can be a great addition to your diet. So here are some must-make healthy high-protein vegan recipes with tofu!

7. Spicy Vegan Tofu Wraps. These tofu wraps are so incredibly delicious! They’re filled with tofu, avocado, spinach, lettuce, roasted red peppers and some other tasty things. SO good!

  • Kcal: 430 | Protein: 17g

8. Vegan Fried Rice. You won’t be able to stop eating this delicious fried rice with tofu and vegetables! It’s super easy to make if you’ve got some leftover rice to use up.

  • Kcal: 425 | Protein: 24g

9. Super Easy Cabbage Tofu Stir-Fry. Smoked tofu, mushrooms, cabbage in different colors, tamari sauce and garlic are some of the ingredients you’ll need for this 20-minute high-protein vegan weeknight dinner!

  • Kcal: 476 | Protein: 29g

10. Low Carb High Protein Vegan Egg Roll In A Bowl is veggie-packed, high in protein, low in calories and super tasty! It’s a lighter meal, so either double the recipe (for two people) or serve with rice, noodles or whatever you desire.

  • Kcal: 260 | Protein: 17g

11. Gluten-Free Crispy Tofu Spring Rolls. Just like spring rolls, but wrapped in rice paper, these tofu spring rolls taste super nice with some hot sauce of choice and are quite easy to make.

Kcal: 106 | Protein: 5g

12. Vegan Tofu Lettuce Wraps. Pretty similar to the egg roll in a bowl, but this low carb vegan recipe is super easy and delicious. The ingredients include tofu, tamari sauce, sesame oil, garlic and vegetables!

  • Kcal: 225 | Protein: 14g

High-Protein Vegan Power Bowls Recipes

If you love your meals served in a bowl, then these high-protein vegan power bowls recipes are what you need to try first!

13. Roasted Vegetable High-Protein Vegan Lunch Bowls So this bowl is my new obsession – roasted zucchini, carrots and peppers, spicy chickpeas, a garlicky cashews cause and a delicious tomato cucumber salad. Seriously, so good!

  • Kcal: 478 | Protein: 17g

14. Meal Prep Chickpea Bowls. These plant-based meal prep bowls are filling, nourishing and really delicious! They’re filled with broccoli, chickpeas, spinach and hummus.

  • Kcal: 444 | Protein: 20g

15. Black Bean Quinoa Meal Prep Bowls is a simple and delicious gluten-free vegan recipe that you can meal prep for the week. The ingredients include canned black beans, tomatoes, avocado, quinoa, jalapeno and a herby vegan cream cheese sauce.

  • Kcal: 418 | Protein: 17g

16. 5-Minute Mediterranean Bowls. This is one of my all-time favorite recipes, because it’s so super easy to make and so very tasty! Filled with vegan tzatziki, hummus, quinoa, chickpeas, olives and a simple healthy salad this recipe is ready in no time and you’ll love it! To make it a bit higher in protein and lower in carb I suggest adding some spinach and sauteed broccoli and serving with a smaller amount of quinoa.

  • Kcal: 380 | Protein: 11g

17. No Cook Meal Prep Lunch Bowls. I threw this together in 10 minutes and it turned out to be a very easy and satiating meal! Chickpeas, hummus, artichokes, pickled peppers and a small salad, seriously – ready in 10 minutes.

  • Kcal: 521 | Protein: 20g

Quick And Easy High-Protein Vegan Recipes

Eating healthier doesn’t mean you need to be living in the kitchen all day long…30 minutes or less in the evening is more than enough. Here are some of the tastiest quick and easy high-protein vegan meals!

18. Mashed White Bean Salad. So this recipe is great for a snack, dip, or in bowls. I simply served it on some wholegrain bread for lunch, because I was pretty lazy to think of something else. Ingredients include canned white beans, capers, garlic and arugula.

  • Kcal: 150 | Protein: 8g

19. Awesome Vegan Lentil Wraps. These lentil wraps might not look like a Picasso painting, but they’re really really good. The ingredients include lentils, basil, cilantro and broccoli. Use different wrappers for an even healthier version!

  • Kcal: 386 | Protein: 15g

20. Spicy Chickpea Skillet. This chickpea skillet is made with canned chickpeas, frozen green beans, spinach, spices and it’s really easy to make for a quick high-protein vegan weeknight dinner.

  • Kcal: 413 | Protein: 20g

21. Five Minute Mashed Chickpea Bruschetta. Okay, so this sounds fancier than it is and there’s no actual mashing, because you’ll put all the ingredients into a food processor and just spread them over toasted bread. However, it is simply delicious! Ingredients include chickpeas, garlic, tomatoes and olives.

  • Kcal: 382 | Protein: 15g

22. Easy Vegan Chickpea Quesadilla. This vegan quesadilla recipe is so easy and so good! Ingredients include chickpeas, cherry tomatoes jalapeno or serrano peppers and mint. This is not a super high-protein recipe, so be sure to add some spinach and to use healthier tortillas to make it more high-protein.

  • Kcal: 490 | Protein: 15g

Protein-Packed Vegan Soups

Soups are low in calories, super satisfying and pretty healthy as well! If you’re reading this during fall or winter – these high-protein vegan soup recipes will fuel your body properly and warm you up!

23. Easy Rice, Peas and Lentil Curry Soup. This plant-based soup is delicious, filling and very healthy! Ingredients include lentils, peas, red curry paste, white rice, coconut cream and lime leaves.

  • Kcal: 229 | Protein: 12g

24. Twenty Minute Chickpea Soup. If you’re short on time, but have a can of chickpeas, do not worry – make this warming comforting chickpea soup. Ingredients include chickpeas, garlic, tomatoes and, mint and cumin.

  • Kcal: 298 | Protein: 13g

25. Homemade Lentil Soup. This homemade lentil soup is one of my go-to soup recipes and luckily it’s super healthy and easy too! Made with cheap and easy-to-find ingredients this budget-friendly soup is ready in about 30 minutes when you make it from scratch.

  • Kcal: 229 | Protein: 12g

26. Bulgur, Spinach and Red Lentil Soup. This is a simple and satisfying vegan soup you need to try! The ingredients include spinach, red lentils, bulgur fresh mint leaves, herbs and spices!

  • Kcal: 290 | Protein: 12g

27. Butternut Squash and Red Lentil Soup. A light, creamy and super tasty lentil soup with butternut squash. The ingredients include lentils, butternut squash, cinnamon, cardamom, cilantro and coconut cream.

  • Kcal: 281 | Protein: 13g

28. Easy Lentil Soup. If you’re not into canned food, but want a soup ready in 30 minutes or less, make this lentil soup. Ingredients include lentils, tomatoes, onion and garlic.

  • Kcal: 234 | Protein: 10g

29. Easy Bean Soup. Ingredients for this comforting bean soup include canned white beans, tomato paste, cumin, garlic and fresh mint.

  • Kcal: 327 | Protein: 12g

High-Protein Breakfast Ideas

Start your day right – with some vegetables and protein (no it doesn’t need to come from eggs or bacon). These simple high-protein vegan meals are great for breakfast and can be put together in no time!

30. High-Protein Vegan Breakfast Toasts. These vegan toasts are satisfying, filling and SO appetizing! Packed with chickpeas, spinach, green onions, mushrooms, and spices they’re super healthy, rich in protein, fiber and antioxidants.

  • Kcal: 127 | Protein: 7g

31. Best Green Smoothie Ever. This healthy green smoothie is the perfect way to start you day. Loaded with spinach, cucumbers and bananas it is fresh, nourishing and delicious.

  • Kcal: 153 | Protein: 8g

32. 3-Ingredient Breakfast Green Smoothie. If you don’t have much in your fridge, this protein-packed smoothie is perfect to start your day, because it’s only 3 ingredients and super healthy!

  • Kcal: 343 | Protein: 13g

High-Protein Vegan Foods List

Now, to make your own high-protein vegan meals, let’s make a quick food list. What can you eat on a vegan diet to get enough protein? Besides obviously protein powder, which is exquisite. Well, it turns out it’s a good idea to get your protein from different sources so you can get a complete set of all essential amino acids in your diet.

Here’s a summary of the best foods to enjoy in order to get enough protein on a vegan diet:

  • Legumes. This includes lentils, chickpeas and all types of beans.
  • Green Vegetables. This includes spinach, kale, broccoli, even parsley – they’re all great protein-packed low-calorie sources.
  • Soy and soy products. Some examples are tofu, tempeh and edamame. These foods are great if you also need to watch your carbohydrate intake, because they’re low carb.
  • Nuts And Seeds. Hemp seeds, chia seeds, almonds, peanuts, sesame seeds and all of their butters are great options.

For more, please check out this list of high-protein low-carb vegan foods and this list of high-protein vegetables.

More Healthy Vegan Recipes To Try:

Well, and that’s it! Over 30 high-protein vegan recipes to get your protein even if you aren’t eating animal products. I hope you enjoy these meals, please share them if you do!

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