5-Minute Chickpea Recipe | Easy Chickpea Bruschetta

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Last updated on June 29th, 2022 at 03:31 pm

Backstreet’s back, alright! Except it’s me, holding the most delicious chickpea and tomato bruschetta and spreading sweet garlic smell in the air. Cancel everything right now – you need to make this 5-minute chickpea recipe. It’s a great side dish, dinner idea, snack idea, lunch idea, breakfast idea, idea in general.

5-Minute Chickpea Recipe

You know what my masseuse told me (by my masseuse I mean the woman who massaged me once). She told me that if you gargle with baking soda you can get rid of bad breath and your breath will be like a baby’s.

I haven’t tried it, but lately I’m thinking more and more about this just randomly and I needed to share. I guess it really impressed me, still don’t know if I’ll try it.

Well, my question is: Who needs baby breath, when you can smell like that little precious aphrodisiac called garlic?

Also can you believe this tasty chickpea recipe only 5-minutes takes? And you won’t smell THAT much like garlic. Well, who am I to tell – I don’t know. I eat garlic and don’t care. Your fault if you haven’t eaten garlic and come my way when I’m buying groceries.

OMG this is going to turn into another post where I kiss garlic’s butt. If you google garlic you’re probably going to end up here. GARLIC!!!

Right, but on a different note: this is seriously the most delicious chickpea tomato bruschetta I have ever eaten. And you can be sure I’m telling the truth, because it’s also the only chickpea tomato bruschetta I have ever eaten.

But also, in comparison to the other crap I’ve eaten since the beginning of November – it’s just delicious. And it’s my first recipe here since I don’t know how many months – I’ve been a lazy crap eater. And now, slowly, but surely – it’s time to get back on track, so I’m going to make as many quick recipes as I can. I can’t really handle long cooking times right now.

The Chickpea Tomato Bruschetta


This bruschetta has a very simple, garlicky, satisfying and a little bit of a sweeter taste from the tomatoes. And the chickpeas? Ohhh, those chickpeas. True, the jar sat in my fridge open for 3 days, BUT those chickpeas still did their job and were very tasty.


You can have this bruschetta as a snack or as a main meal with some salad. I can imagine this salad will go really well with this. And it would be a perfect dinner – quick, healthy, easy. If you’ve forgotten to meal prep or HATE meal prep, a recipe like this one will save your butt.

Also if you avoid bread and are trying to keep carbs low – you can have the chickpeas with tomatoes only or wrapped in a lettuce wrap with some avocado and nuts/seeds on top. Seriously the sky is the limit.

The other thing I wanted to do was add basil here, but I didn’t have any. So if you have basil – feel free to try, well if you like basil. Someone wrote on one of my recipes: “Meh too much basil.” Well if you don’t like basil, don’t add it. To me, something like “too much basil” doesn’t exist.

Do things according to your taste buds. Ask them for a better recipe. “Hey taste bud, how much basil would you like?” (I just wrote taste butt)

Well, anyway: this healthy recipe is easy, vegan and to make it gluten-free use gluten-free bread or as I said lettuce leaf. I just ate it like this and it was really simple & tasty.

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