7 Full Body Yoga Stretch Routines To Feel Brand New

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Last updated on April 4th, 2020 at 06:30 pm

If you want to feel good right now – do some yoga! And not any kind, go ahead and try these full-body yoga stretch routines to release tension and improve flexibility!

Whether you have time in the morning after you wake up or before bed – these routines will help you! Trust me, I tried them all last week! And I’m feeling amazing now.

I was going through a bit of renovation in my apartment, mainly moving furniture and reorganizing stuff. And let me tell you, moving furniture is not a fun task, especially when you’re a woman and are very impatient.

“I’ll come by later to help you move everything! Don’t worry.”

“Thanks, I’ll wait for you, I’m not going to move everything by myself, I’m not crazy!”

5 minutes later = moving dresser by myself. Luckily I was smart enough to take out the drawers, put a small mat and just slide that huge thing into the other room. I’m really amazed at my creativity sometimes.

A few hours of doing that and I’m in desperate need of a massage. Well, you know how I feel about massage. In case you don’t, I’ll summarize my experience for you: One time a guy did nothing and then the other time a woman made me feel beaten up the next day.

  • money
  • time
  • mind
  • (dignity)

The four three things I’m losing when I decide once a year to actually go to a massage.

What’s better, cheaper, won’t take me 3 hours and will make me feel amazing? 

A full-body yoga stretch.

And thankfully – so many amazing videos on Youtube. Easy to follow, free, and you can do everything at home in your pajamas in around 20-45 minutes. And then you feel like a brand new person.

I loved all of these videos below, especially the first one – because it’s shorter, it stretched EVERYTHING and I simply adore Adriene’s comments.

You’re not getting my money any time soon, massage guy, who didn’t do anything.

So if you’re sore from working out, feel tense or stressed, try some of these yoga stretches and see how you feel! There are 7 routines for every day of the week.

7 Full Body Yoga Stretch Routines To Feel Brand New


via Yoga With Adriene


via SarahBethYoga


via Five Parks Yoga w/ Erin Sampson




via BrettLarkinYoga


via Yoga With Adriene



I hope you enjoy these relaxing and restoring full body yoga routines. To me, it felt so good having a full week of doing stretches only. I might sound kinda lazy, but you really need to listen to your body and do what’s best for you each day. I couldn’t imagine doing a HIIT workout after all that stress and moving all that furniture.

If you also feel you need to just stretch it out today, do it – you have the resources.

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