Healthy Mediterranean Salmon With Quinoa And Chickpeas (One Pan!)

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Last updated on November 16th, 2020 at 03:51 pm

This here is a super quick and easy salmon recipe that isn’t just salmon with vegetables! It’s a tasty and healthy Mediterranean salmon with quinoa and chickpeas all cooked together in one pan!

Healthy Mediterranean Salmon With Quinoa

It might be a big surprise to you, but I love one pan meals. There’s just so little to clean up. I know, I know – I bought a robot called dishwasher and I should use it and not ruin my hands like Scarlett O’Hara after all that horse riding without gloves. But I still wash many of my dishes without using the dishwasher, or gloves. I get carried away and it just happens. Am I washing dishes right now? I could’t tell, it’s already a part of my nature. My hands look like I transplanted them from some reptile. But it might be my advancing age (30ies are tough!) and the fact that my last name isn’t Button.

Don’t know how I managed to sneak in so much complaining into one paragraph that was supposed to be about a healthy salmon recipe. Basically I wanted to say that you can make this dish in one pan and you will not have a lot to clean up. Was it that hard to say? Oh look, a squirrel!

Before I start talking about washing my hair and forget why I’m hunched over the computer right now: use cooked quinoa here. When you do this, people will think you’re very talented and pretty and you’ll have a healthy dinner ready in around 20 minutes!

Also do not forget that this salmon recipe is gluten-free and dairy-free. I mean, why would you forget this important information? Although some mozzarella or Parmesan won’t make me mad here. But okay, I’m still doing the gluten-free dairy-free challenge and I might actually keep doing it for a while. Still, Parmesan cheese.

How To Make Healthy Salmon With Quinoa And Chickpeas

Just go for it, okay? Be brave, take a chance, go with the flow and see what happens. Enough motivation for today, it’s not a Monday, get it together.

So here’s how you make it:

Step 1: Cook the salmon with some onions, herbs and tomatoes in a pan

Step 2: Add the quinoa and chickpeas and cook

Step 3: Eat.

That’s the end goal: to have something to eat when you get home and you’re hungry and you have all those ingredients and don’t know what to do with them.


This recipe will welcome many types of vegetables under its wings.

Carrots can work, peppers can work, zucchini will work, arugula and spinach at the end will definitely work.

If you don’t have quinoa, you can use rice or any type of cooked grain instead. Just watch out for the cooking time, as rice would get mushy faster than quinoa would.

I hope you enjoy this simple recipe if you decide to make it!

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