10 Yoga Poses To Do Every Day

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These are 10 yoga poses to do every day and to incorporate into your daily yoga practice! These are suitable for beginners and will make you feel amazing.

Yoga poses like these transformed me from someone who acts like an idiot in yoga class into someone who cannot wake up without my daily yoga routine.

Even if it’s just holding one or two of these yoga poses for a couple of breaths, for me yoga made all the difference when it comes to reducing stress levels and pain.

Why I Love Yoga Now


Is that for meditation?

I have no idea.

In case it’s not obvious, let’s address the non-expert on this blog. Me.

I’m not a yoga expert. After years of making fart noises in yoga class 4 years ago I started really liking yoga.

I’m now finally a grown-up. Thanks, Youtube.

How can you not like something that makes you feel like a relaxed rubber band?

Now that I’m a better person, I even have my favorite yoga poses. I find these give me more energy, and peace, stretch me out and just put me in wayyyy better mood.

That’s why I try to do these yoga poses every day and I’m not telling you what to do, but you should too. At least some of them, mkay? At least for 30s/day at your desk, mkayyy??

You’ll feel so alive like you’ve stolen something. I’ve never stolen anything. Okay, I stole a snickers bar when I was eight and I was really bad at it. I even think the woman caught me.

Ommm, yoga.

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10 The Yoga Poses To Do Every Day

Disclaimer: these are the yoga poses that I try to practice every day, because they make me feel really good. However, we’re all different – what works for me, might not work for you. We all deal with different health issues, so please consult your doctor before starting with these exercises or any new exercise regimen.

1. Puppy Pose

Puppy pose is the evil twin of child’s pose. Except it’s not evil, it’s awesome. A mixture between child’s pose and downward dog, this pose stretches your shoulders and spine (which is a pain for me right now). Here’s a video demonstration and  here you can find more details + some tips for beginners.

2. Camel Pose

This yoga pose is a very energizing backbend. It is not super easy and I kinda get light-headed when I do it for too long, but it opens the entire front of the body and I feel like a brand new person.

Be careful with this pose, because according to this source, camel pose is not recommended if you have high or low blood pressure, migraine, insomnia, serious low back or neck injury.

 If that’s not the case and you’d like to try this pose and lift your spirits today, here’s a video demo and here are more tips (this site is awesome!).


3. Downward-Facing Dog

This is a famous yoga pose for a reason! It’s super relaxing stretches the entire back of your body (shoulders, calves, hamstrings) – a great pose to do when you’ve been sitting or standing for too long. Here’s the video demo and here are more tips on how to do it to get the most (+ when not to do it).

4. Pigeon Pose

Love this pose as it opens the hips and stretches the glutes! It also helps me calm down and feel more relaxed. Here’s a video demonstration and more tips about how to perform this pose properly.


5. Wide-Angle Seated Forward Bend

I usually do this stretch after I’ve done a leg or cardio workout and sometimes when I’m very stressed out. This pose is calming and stretches the back of the legs, the inner thighs and releases groins. You’ll find the video demonstration here, and more tips (also for beginners) here.

6. Standing Forward Bend

Love this pose when I wake up, when I’m going to sleep, when I’ve been standing for too long or sitting for too long. It’s a simple yoga pose and it calms the nervous system + relaxes your mind and your body. All you need to do is bend slowly forward one vertebra at a time. You can let yourself hang for one or two breaths – you’ll feel brand new after you roll up. Take a look at the video demonstration here and get further tips here.

7. Thread The Needle Pose

If you sit all day long in front of a computer and have tension in the upper back, neck & shoulders like myself – then this pose will feel like heaven sent. This pose is perfect to release tension in these areas! I also love the gentle twist in the spine (as I mentioned – pain right now!). You’ll find the video demo with variations here and more tips for beginners + benefits here.

8. Crescent Lunge

A bit more challenging in my opinion, this energizing standing yoga pose is a chest & hip opening pose. It stretches the entire front of your body + your hip flexors and strengthens your body. Find the video demo with variations here and more tips (incl. for beginners) here.

9. Cobra Pose

Cobra pose helps to reduce back pain and improves flexibility. It’s a great yoga pose to open your shoulder blades and your lungs, so you can take deeper breaths. You can find a video demonstration here.

10. Warrior Two

Last but definitely not least, Warrior Two – a standing & strengthening pose. For your body and your mind. This is such a powerful pose, it always makes me feel like I’m ready. Whatever happens, I’m ready for it. The video demonstrations are here + more tips and interesting details here.

Well, that is it, those are the yoga poses to do every day I would recommend to anyone who wants to feel better daily.

I realize that some of these poses might be too challenging for beginners, but start with what you can do right now and you’ll get there. Also, if you’re a beginner – use the links for the extra tips – there are always beginner variations included there.

This post was originally published in 2018 and last updated in February 2023.

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