Get Fit & Healthy Challenge Update

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Last updated on February 20th, 2018 at 09:27 pm

Sometimes I forget that if I don’t post anything here, this blog will be like a desert.

Pretty empty.

The last few days I’ve been curiously checking the blog, wondering whether something has changed.

Shockingly, nah!

Nothing’s happened.

So since this blog ain’t gonna write itself, I figured I better update you on my lil’ challenge.

As you know I started a 30 days challenge to get in shape WITHOUT FEELING MISERABLE, because well I always feel miserable when I have to do something I’m not in the mood for.

So I do want to get in shape, but I just don’t wanna stuff my face with protein powder and do soldier workouts. Even though it sounds super tempting and I’m barely holding myself off.

Blah, blah, blah, here’s my update:


before: 63.5kg after: 62.5kg -1kg (2 pounds)


before: 72cm after: 70cm -2cm


before: 102cm after: 100cm -2cm


before: 95cm after: 92cm -3cm

Aaaaah, I’m living every woman’s dream right now – losing more in the chest area.

I know, now you’re like:

Wow, all that in 2.5 weeks, what’s your secret?

The snail speed diet?

Well, I’ll tell you my very sarcastic, funny, funny friend.

It’s the only change I stuck to and that is: Exercise. That is literally the only thing I have really changed. I do 30 minutes of exercise every day. You can find the workout plans here and here. Right now I’m doing the workout plan for week 1 again. I love these workouts and they make me feel awesome.

Diet: However. I don’t have the best diet at the moment. I try to eat more fruits and vegetables, but some days I’m just way off and eat a lot of pastries. Not proud of that, but not ashamed either. So my goal to drink a smoothie and eat a salad every single day? Most days – pass! I even found out, I kinda hate smoothies right now. I hate their texture. However I looooooove salads. And now I’m also crazy about melon, watermelon to be exact. So I’m trying to eat more of those things.

Sleep – I haven’t slept more than 6 hours/day. Which is not too little, however far from the perfect 8 hours. I know, I need to work on going to bed earlier! I have stopped looking at my phone/computer for at least 30 min before bed and I’m also putting my phone and its annoying alarm far from my bed, so I wake up on time and don’t just hit snooze. Instead in the evening I’m drinking some tea and reading The Alchemist (love it).

Moderation. Talk about struggle here. One day, I’m really good at moderation, another day – I am horrible at it. I noticed that I can be very moderate with my food if I had something I really loved and seriously felt happy with at the moment I ate it. That’s probably mindful eating for dummies like me. I will be talking about it later this week.

Movement other than exercise. When I started the challenge, one of my goals was to have a walking break from my desk every 30-45 min. I’m doing okay with that, but my sister also bought me a large stability ball for my desk and I’ll be trying it out next week. Feeling like I’m gonna love it. I inflated the ball yesterday in the evening and now I just need to start using it. I’ll observe and report here on that too, I do hope it helps with my posture and with my neck and shoulder pain.

Stop postponing and do things you’re afraid of. Still doing that for the most part. And I’m kinda mad about it, because this is the part I really WANTED to change. I already started making small changes – like organizing my stuff, but now I need to get to the big stuff.

Spend at least an hour outdoors: I actually do that. Although, not everyday, but probably 90%.

Choose the healthier option: Believe it or not, I do.

So that’s the update. Not judging myself and I’m not blind – I know there’s a lot of space for improvement and I’ll do my best.

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