7 Ways To Feel Good In Your Body Today

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If you’re not feeling happy with your body – you’re not alone and you need to read this post! Because here you’ll discover 7 ways to feel better in your body today and I’m pretty sure at least one of them will make a change for you.

Remember how I told you I set an intention for my day – something to make me feel good?

Good. Now, here’s the part where you roll your eyes and think to yourself (maybe out loud): “Alright, you pretentious, hippie. I’ve got more important things to do.”

I get it. If someone told me, maybe a year ago, I need to “set-an-intention-for-my-day-to-feel-good” (this is my airy hippie voice in written), I’d think she’s (assume it’s a woman) insane. In fact I would feel sorry for her and probably say I have to go to the bathroom and just leave. Maybe even let her pay my bill for making this stupid suggestion. No, I’d never do that. Ha, well…

Well, a year ago I was lost. Like we all get lost once or twice in life, and didn’t know where I was going. Let’s just say I was at a point where I was willing to try out things the good people on the Internet told me to. A bunch of them. Many of them. Well, those that kinda make sense.

Long story short I decided to give setting a daily intention a try for a week. I tried different intentions, but the one that made my days really positive was: “I want to feel good in my body”.

I know, I know… (gif source)

Well, I don’t feel bad about my body, but lately I’m not the most confident in it. And I quite often don’t treat it right.

The surprising part about setting that cheesy intention is that it actually works.

Whenever I do it, I make better choices for myself, I don’t let negative comments or gossip get to me, I’m not eating crap to “treat myself”, because today was a tough day and I deserve it. Seriously is a carcinogen bomb the thing I deserve after a stressful day? I don’t treat my body like it’s some tool I use to show myself in front of people or to help me get on the internet or do my work and reach my goals.

I treat my body like it’s the only thing I have. 

So, now let’s get to the point after this whiny and long ass story. If you’re not quite happy with your body lately and want to start feeling better in your body every day, I suggest you set an intention. It really does make a difference.

Other than that here are some specific things I try to do every day and whenever I don’t quite feel happy about my body (we all have those days!). I hope these tips can also help you feel good and more confident in your body today.

When You’re Not Happy With Your Body: 7 Simple Ways To Feel Good In Your Body Today

1. Exercise.

Exercise really makes you feel your body, it helps you connect with your body. It’s just the time to play, to give that body the chance to do what it’s meant to do – move and to feel alive. Even if you have a THICK layer of fat around your midsection – just 10 minutes of good and challenging exercise will make you feel better in and about your body.

You can do yoga, you can do pilates, some stretches, HIIT, dance…do whatever you like and make sure to really focus on the way your body feels while doing these exercises.

2. Eat light and eat your fruits and veggies.

You know what makes me feel not so good in my body: overeating. Sitting down and just eating breakfast, lunch dinner and dessert in one sitting. You cannot move after this, you just wanna go and sleep.

I’ve done it a million times, mostly during an all you can eat night, and as much as I love food – I hate this.

Spreading my meals throughout the day and focusing on eating more fruits and vegetables is something I’m working on constantly. But whenever I’m successful at it, I feel like an actual living human being. Not a robot, not a slave for food. I feel clean, light and I even seem to walk with more confidence & lightness.

3. Be vain.

Don’t judge other people for using make up, painting their nails or dressing in a way you might not like. Focus on you. Is this what you want to wear? Will a little make up make you feel more confident? Will washing your hair make you feel better about your body? (this is so not about me…) How about putting on other shoes?

These things matter. Even if you don’t leave your house today. It’s not about being superficial or trying to seduce someone, it’s about being who you want to be. It’s about seeing yourself as someone who takes care of herself and deserves it.

4. Fix that posture.

Posture makes the biggest difference in the way you see yourself and the way people see you, if you ask me. Like exercise it helps you connect with your body and actually stay clear and feel good. So keep your head up and those shoulders away from your ears (I never understood this was bad until I started doing some yoga). Also make sure to keep neutral spine – you don’t wanna arch your back too much. When I do this I feel like I’m standing stronger and as if I’m working my abs. But as always – I need to remind myself of doing it.

5. Hydrate yourself.

I feel like I’m writing this in every single post lately, but I just have to, because drinking enough water is so so so important. This simple habit will make you feel lighter, cleaner and like you have more energy. At least that’s how I feel when I drink enough water – it’s awesome. I also have less cravings and my skin seems to be smoother. You can infuse your water with fruit – I like things simple, but a little lemon here and there makes things fresher.

6. Name one thing…

…you love about your body! Your body does A LOT of work – even when you’re sitting lazy on the couch. Give that body a little appreciation and pick one thing about your body you’re really thankful for. And say why.

7. If nothing else works remember this.

Your body is the only thing you have. You can lose your money, clothes, everything, but the one thing that stays as long as you are here is your body. It’s a lifelong friend. Wanna talk about essentials? A body is one of them. You might like the body of someone else better, but the reason you’re here, the reason you exist, is your body. So be grateful for your body, love it and treat it as a friend, as someone you really love. Because it loves you back.

Well, time for me to go and get some sleep, because I don’t feel good when I don’t get enough sleep. If I don’t get enough sleep ain’t no intention or appreciation happening tomorrow. But that’s a whole other story.

I hope you enjoyed this post, make sure to share it with others who might need it (they have bodies too) and subscribe for more healthy tips below!

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