I’m starting a 30-day get healthy & fit challenge, this is why

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Last updated on March 26th, 2018 at 06:51 am

I am going through quite a bit of transformation right now. Well, it’s not just right now, or the last few months, that transformation has been going on for years in my life.

I LOVE transformation, progress and growth. I consider my ability to adapt quickly to ANY situation, personally one of my biggest strengths.

But, then again. This ability is the very reason why for the last 3 years, I’m kinda in the same place, just sitting comfortable where I am.

It’s ironic, because really a lot of things in my life have changed and still are changing. But the areas that really matter to me, the areas that fill me with excitement – I am stuck. So, while things are changing, they don’t seem to be changing in the right direction. Because I’m far from where I want to be.

I feel I am ready to finally transform my life.

To reach for EVERYTHING I ever wanted. I somehow realized how time is passing by and while I’m imagining how I’m active and live an exciting life, that makes me TRULY happy and fulfilled – I’m just stuck behind a computer all day long. Without ANYTHING really exciting happening in my real world.

It’s wake up, do some exercise, eat something, work, think about what you’re gonna eat later, then spend some more time online and then go to bed. That’s pretty much it.

What’s even worse is that I’ve slowly let go of my healthy habits too.

Because while I love drinking smoothies and eating salads, I am not doing that. Instead I’m drowning my face in coffee as if it’s some source of endless energy. And while I love being around people and having fun, I somehow convinced myself I have less and less time for that. I always put it off to some mysterious day in the future.

Side effects of this kind of lifestyle include:

– irregular sleep pattern

– breakouts (even though I always had great skin, even as a teenager)

– 10 kg weight gain in the last 10 months

– really fat belly

But none of that compares to the excruciating feeling of guilt.

The feeling you get when you’re not keeping your promises to yourself. Because I do keep my promises to others. Myself? Nah…I can wait.

As for the belly fat: I hate that belly fat not only because it’s not easy on the eyes and it’s dragging down my confidence. I hate it, because it’s a constant reminder that I’m not living the way I want to. A reminder that I am letting myself and my body down, even though I know we deserve better.

This challenge will be all about synergies.

Do you know what a synergy is?

A synergy is when something as a whole is bigger than the sum of its parts. So for example you put two and two together and you get five as a result. That kind of thing.

That’s a very universal pattern. Synergies are all around us. They’re in the foods we eat, in our biology, in nature and even in business.

And synergies exist in the way we behave too.

One good habit influences another one. The benefit of eating healthy, exercising and getting good rest exceed “just being healthy”. You become happier, more productive, more creative, more attractive, more focused, more confident, kinder to others and kinder to yourself.

I don’t say this because I THINK it’s like this. I say it, because I’ve experienced it. And even science can back me up here.

What’s the goal of my 30 day challenge?

The goal of this 30 day challenge might seem at first sight to be me getting fit and healthy. And I do want to get rid of that fat belly reminder. It’s just one of the things I want for myself.

But what my body does or fails to do during those 30 days is actually non of my business. I can’t control it.

What I can control is my behavior.

So the ultimate goal of this challenge is to change my behavior towards myself, my health, my life as a whole.

No more feeling guilty. No more not keeping my promises to myself.

My goal is to teach myself again to eat more fruits and vegetables, because I crave them. Not tell myself I need to eat them because it’s proven that they’re healthy or low in calories.

My goal is to learn to LOVE moderation. Not to get in the trap of never getting enough while swimming in overabundance.

My goal is to eat and be happy. Without counting macros, micros and wondering if I’m getting enough of a nutrient.

My goal is to work out because it’s fun, because it makes me FEEL good. Not because I am trying to get slimmer or toned.

My goal is to get enough sleep to feel rested and recharged the next morning. Not to get 3 hours of sleep, just so I can brag about it.

My goal is to feel at peace at the end of the day, because I had a fulfilling, productive and exciting day. Not to always look back with guilt & regret and tell myself “Well, I’ll do it tomorrow”.

For all these reasons I’m starting a 30 day get healthy and fit challenge next Monday.

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