20-Minute Bean Soup – Cozy and Warming Vegan Recipe

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Last updated on June 29th, 2022 at 03:18 pm

This healthy bean soup is ready in 20 minutes! It will warm your body and soul. An easy vegan soup that is high-fiber and gluten-free. And super delicious.

20-Minute Vegan Bean Soup

So I took the pictures for this soup at 3:46 pm, which is the time the sun goes down currently. Ha. So yes, these pics are shot in the dark and I added some extra (a lot) of exposure there.

I came home freezing after 2-3 hours outside and feeling like I’m getting a cold any minute. But instead of getting the pills they recommend on the TV (do I sound like I live in the 50’s?), I decided to make a soup and lots of tea and then get really warm. This has worked for me, for years now. Whenever you’re feeling like you’ll get a cold – get warm. That’s all I can say.

I rolled up my frozen sleeves and made this soup in around 20 minutes, using 2 cups of canned white beans, because I don’t possess the ability to cook dry beans. Always ends bad when I do that. I’m stuck there stirring the pot for 2 hours and then farty pants. Plus, imagine if I actually cooked for 2 hours, this recipe right here – wouldn’t exist. And I’d probably have a cold right now.

Thankfully, this soup was born and it’s warming, quick, so comforting and I had the whole thing that same evening. I think it made 4 bowls. Don’t judge me. In my defense, I probably burned lots of calories freezing.

As for additions – I decided to top my soup with some avocado chunks and of course ate white bread, because I just had to that day. If you don’t feel white bread – don’t eat it. Moral of the highly exciting story: I got really warm and felt a lot better the next day. So yeah – if you’re getting a cold, stop it with this soup!

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