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Make these flourless oatmeal apple muffins for the week ahead, they’re a fantastic healthy snack or meal prep breakfast idea! You can take them on the go, pack them for the office, for school, for the mountain…wherever life takes you, this easy apple recipe will be there for you! These healthy apple muffins are gluten- and dairy-free and will keep well in the fridge for about 5 days.

You’ll Love The Oatmeal Apple Muffins

I rarely get a craving for apples, but a few days ago I just couldn’t get my mind off of it. I was thinking about my apple craving at night, so I wrote a reminder on my phone for the next day: Buy apples. Little did I know we had like 10 apples in the kitchen, so the next morning I finally got to work and made these apple oat muffins with what was already at home.

Baked goods with apples are the best! I absolutely love this simple apple cake, the apple crumble pie and now these muffins. They’re just so good! Sweet, delicious, moist, pretty healthy and really easy to put together!

Apple Muffin Ingredients

Apples. You will need sweet apples to make these muffins. One will be blended into the batter and you will need some more apple chunks to act as surprise in the muffins.

Oats. Use gluten free quick or regular oats instead of flour to make the muffins. The muffins will end up gluten free, richer in fiber and more nutritious in general.

Eggs. We need the eggs to help keep the muffins together. I know many cannot tolerate them, but I have not tried this recipe without eggs yet, so I cannot offer an alternative here.

Coconut sugar. Or dark brown sugar! I like the smell, the sweetness and the caramel color it gives to the muffins.

Spices. Cinnamon and nutmeg go so well together with apples!

Baking soda and ACV. We need a little bit of both apple cider vinegar and baking soda to make the muffins a bit fluffier.

Coconut oil. You can also use butter if you’re not avoiding it!

How To Make Apple Oat Muffins

  • Blend the eggs, one apple, oats, cinnamon, nutmeg, coconut oil, baking soda and apple cider vinegar until smooth. You can use any type of blender that you have, an immersion blender works great in my experience.
  • Chop the rest one half of an apple in small chunks and add most of it to this batter. Reserve some chunks for the topping.
  • Pre-heat the oven and line a muffin pan with unbleached muffin liners. I just used parchment paper and it worked too. Fill the muffin cups with the mixture and top each muffin with some extra apple chunks and some chopped walnuts if desired.
  • Bake at 180C/350F for about 20-25 minutes.
  • Let the muffins cool off and enjoy!

Enjoy immediately or store in an airtight container in the fridge for up to 5 days.

For Snacks Or Breakfast

I usually would have one of these muffins for a snack, whenever I need something sweet. If I don’t have time to make breakfast, I’d have two of them when on the go.


You can make different variations of the muffins and include ingredients like flaxseed, sunflower seeds, pecans, chopped almonds or walnuts like I did on top of some of the muffins.

A great option to serve the muffins is to drizzle your favorite nut-butter on top. Or if they’re not sweet enough for you – some honey.

Dairy-Free And Gluten-Free Muffins

As you can probably tell from the ingredient list, these apple muffins are nut-free, dairy-free, flourless and gluten-free if you use gluten-free oats.

I really hope you enjoy the muffins if you do make them for breakfast or snack!

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