5 Refreshing Detox Water Ideas, Because Drinking Coke Is Just Sad

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Here are some refreshing detox water ideas, because it’s hot outside and drinking coke is not an option anyone should consider.

I don’t know how it happened.

I fell down that coke hole and could’t get out. Last month for a few weeks in the afternoon, when it got like, inhumanely hot…I was getting cokes.

Now you might be like: OMG you write this blog about healthy lifestyle and you drink coke? What a jerk.

Well, define healthy lifestyle however you want.

To me it means eating more fruits and vegetables and not obsessing over small fall offs.


I realized coke can’t be a part of a healthy diet or lifestyle in NO WAY. I can’t make excuses for it, I just fell. And then I wanted more and more and more…It got crazy.

I had seen this infographic a million times and it meant nothing to me.


via The Renegade Pharmacist

NADA! But then again, I never really read it.

We all know coca cola isn’t a green smoothie, ok? Someone’s just trying to get attention.

So after I’ve been drinking all these cokes that sucked the life out of me, I read it and was really really disgusted.

According to the above graphic my precious minerals, the ones that I ate along with that coke are saying bye bye to my body before I can even absorb them. And this sucks, because as we know we need nutrients to stay alive. Not just protein powder and energy from coffee – NUTRIENTS. I do not know why I’m screaming right now.

But you need them for your hair, for your bones, for your skin, for your teeth for your muscles…well basically for every single tissue and cell in your body.

On top, the fact that I started wanting coke every single afternoon and it made me feel like my heart was going to jump out of my chest while I was just sitting there, while feeling dehydrated even though I just drank a giant coke…well it was worrisome.

So like always I decided to start crawling out of that dark hole full of coke crap and to find a better way to live my life without robbing my body off the nutrients it asked for and without making it go crazy.

So I started making this instead:



It’s A Watermelon Detox Water

To make this you need a cup of chopped watermelon, no seeds (or a few seeds – we’re all grown ups, who cares right?), a little bit of water, and ice cubes. Blend it and be happy. So so so refreshing and good. That’s what I’ve been making for weeks now in the afternoon and it’s the best. You don’t need lime juice in there, cherries, berries, because watermelon is the perfect food and now it’s the perfect drink as Beyoncé told us long time ago in her Drunk in love song.


Then if you ever get sick of watermelon here are 5 other detox water ideas:



1. Lemon Ginger Detox Water (works with lime as well) – You can slice the fruit and add it to water like this, or use my method and don’t forget to add ice cubes.



2. Lemon Cucumber Detox Water (works with lime as well) – Just slice the ingredients and add to water, or use my method and don’t forget to add ice cubes.



3. Kiwi, Mint, Lime Detox Water– Peel and slice 2 kiwis, juice lemon, add 2-3 cups water – blend with ice and add some mint in the end. So refreshing!



4. Frozen Strawberry Detox Water – right there next to the watermelon water for me (I love sweet and refreshing drinks!) All you do is blend frozen strawberries with some water in your blender. Refreshing, but also sweet, when you get the ratio right it’s kinda like a slushy.



5. Grapefruit & Orange Detox Water. I know people just add some slices of grapefruit and orange, but to me it’s like a waste. Instead, I juice the grapefruit, the orange, add ice and some water – BAM a super delicious cooling drink! I had a friend who HATED, I repeat: HATED water. She said that it’s gross and she just can’t keep it down (weird I know!). So she’d drink Fanta like there’s no tomorrow. Well this is better than Fanta – drink it!


Last but not least: How about just water?



Plain water is a magical thing, I’m telling you.

You drink enough of it and you stop needing coffees, pills for that headache or a Twix bar pretending to be “just a snack”.

Dehydration these days is so normal that we don’t know what it means to be actually properly hydrated anymore. So, do drink your normal water too and do it before you go for something else.



I hope you try some of these ideas and aren’t drinking coke. It really is not something worth making excuses with, it’s not bread or pizza. It’s just a fizzy drink with sugar in it. So if you’re also stuck somewhere thinking that a glass of coke can change your life right now, try a glass of water first or go experiment with the fruits that summer gifted us so generously!

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