10-minute Morning Yoga Routines For Every Day Of The Week

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If you’re having a hard time coming out of bed every day, try starting your day these 10-minute morning yoga routines for a week!

I love me some morning routine. Or at least the idea of a morning routine. In reality mine is non-existent.

Mostly I have this multiple choice when it comes to my mornings:

1. Hit snooze for hours(!) and hate the world because it’s a new day. Then finally wake up, be in a rush, dress like I’ve been blind-folded and act like a real jerk to whoever’s around.

2. Wake up and reach for my phone to check what happened in the world during the last few hours. (Mostly: NADA). This “routine” makes me feel like I need to go to sleep again and my days are often slower when I start like this.

3. Sometimes, just sometimes, I’d be really good and would actually be able to keep a healthy morning routine for months.

It’s a very simple routine that I love:

  • 10 minutes of exercise
  • breakfast
  • be happy I’m alive
  • plan what I wanna do and then (kinda) do it

On these precious days I feel alive, happy, focused, more awake and present. I freakin love it.

And I blame exercise for all that. I’ve tried the morning routine without it – HUGE difference.

Best way to start your day – Yoga

My favorite type of morning workout is yoga. It allows me to stretch, open and get ready for the day.

I do love other morning exercises as well, but yoga feels great even when I don’t wanna do anything or have been sick/tired.

Thank Goodness and thank you, Mr. Inventor of the Internet, because the internet is an endless source of everything, but most importantly: workout videos. Including morning yoga videos.

(btw I admit, I don’t know who the inventor of the internet is and am too lazy to google it right now just so I can appear smart, let’s stop pretending here.)

I’ve tried many yoga workout videos over the last couple of years and these are seven of the best. Most of these yoga videos are good for beginners as well, you just need to try and see for yourself what works and what doesn’t. And if you do enjoy starting your days with a workout, there’s a 10-minute workout video for each day of the week.

I’ve found that 10 minutes is long enough to make you feel great and short enough to make yourself actually do the routine. And as a bonus – these morning yoga routines can be performed anywhere, anytime.

Now let’s start moving.

7 Morning Yoga Routines for each day of the week


Ugh, Monday. Still, start your week with this energizing yoga workout by BrettLarkinYoga and get ready for a great week!


On Tuesday get things done with this yoga routine for focus and productivity by Yoga With Adriene.


Begin your Wednesday morning in a positive way with this morning yoga stretch by Yoga with Kassandra!


Thursday is a day to stretch and strengthen with this lovely morning yoga video by YOGATX.


Because it’s already Friday, start the day with a yoga workout for happiness by POPSUGAR Fitness (this is one of my favorites).


Weeekend and you need some energy to enjoy it to the fullest! Therefore, try this energizing morning yoga routine by TaraStiles.


On Sunday, reflect, relax and be mindful with this morning yoga routine by SarahBethYoga.

I hope you have a good week and feel the benefits from 10 minutes of morning yoga daily.

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