9 Barre Workouts To Tone Everything At Home

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Tone your entire body with these free at home barre workouts. They’re low-impact, but very efficient and will get you results if you do them 3 times a week.

Can you believe a year ago I didn’t know barre workouts existed?


I was doing my at home workouts, got to the gym a few times a year, looked weird at what everyone else is doing, got bored and life was average.

Then I discovered this thing called barre and fell in love with it.

Now I do barre exercises at home about two times a week and they’ve become by far my favorite.

Still, until this very day I cannot tell you with certainty what a barre workout actually is. I don’t know what you are, but you make me feel and look better.

What I think it is?

Honestly, I think it’s the stand up version of Pilates for the most part. Like the non-lazy version of Pilates (I love Pilates too).

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So what do you do during a barre workout?

Well, you do low impact, but challenging ballerina moves. You look sophisticated, gentle, like a porcelain doll (not the scary type).

But on the inside you’re struggling. You feel everything tone up.

Because you exercise big and small muscles, all at once, these workouts are super efficient and can help you lose weight, but you need to also clean up your diet.

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They’re for everyone

Since barre workouts are low-impact, anyone can do them, even beginners. Even if you’re not 20 and hate jumping around.


The weeks when I stay consistent and do them 2-3 times a week, I get results pretty quickly. Everything gets tighter, I feel stronger, my posture improves and I seem to walk taller.

And I am somehow more confident, productive and it sounds weird, but also more aware of my body and the way I’m moving.

One thing I want you to be careful with is doing pliés. If you have problems with your knees, this movement might hurt – at least that’s my case.

Barre Benefits

  • improves posture
  • makes you stronger
  • helps you relax & tone at the same time
  • works every muscle group
  • low-impact
  • improves flexibility

And now, here we are. 

These are 9 free barre workouts that will tone everything and make you want to get up and exercise every single morning.

The other good thing about these workouts, is that you don’t have to go to a barre class. You can exercise at home or anywhere you want and special equipment is not really needed. A chair or piece of sturdy furniture will work.

Barre Workouts For Abs, Upper Body & Lower Body

If you’re not in the mood to do a full-body workout, start with these shorter barre workouts to tone your lower body, upper body or abs.


If you have 5-6 minutes, you really have to try this Abs & Love Handles Workout by Love Sweat Fitness. The best part? Standing ab exercises! They’re so much more fun than sit ups. Ugh. I hate sit ups, I really do. Here, no sit ups! All you need here is a chair – you’ll stretch and tone all at the same time!

Upper Body

I’m not gonna lie. I include this Upper Body Workout from Barre Fitness in every list and every workout plan. Reason? I absolutely love it! It’s also the only upper body workout I ever want to do. If you’re sitting most of the time – you need this workout! It will not only tone your arms, but also your neck and shoulder muscles. Also the whole thing only takes 15 minutes.

Lower Body

This Workout for Lean Legs and Toned Butt by FitnessBlender is 20 minutes long and will tone your butt and legs! And I mean everything: inner thighs, outer thighs, glutes…everything! It’s really worth investing the 20 minutes. Don’t forget to warm up and to stretch after!

Full-Body Barre Workouts

And now, it’s time to burn calories and tone the entire body at home with these full-body barre workouts that will get results!

15 Minute Full-Body Barre Workouts

If you’ve got 15 minutes, I highly, highly suggest you do this Body sculpting workout by Sleek Technique. I loved their other full-length barre workout already, but this one’s awesome if you don’t have time and want to squeeze in a quick full-body workout. As with the rest of the workouts – you don’t really need a barre, you can use the back of a chair instead. Again be careful with the pliés if you have bad knees.

If you’re new to barre, this 15-Minute Barre for Beginners by jessicasmithtv is for you! It tones the legs, the booty and the whole upper body!

30-Minute + Full-Body Barre Workouts

Empower your body and mind with this Yoga-Barre Hybrid Workout by POPSUGAR Fitness! The workout starts with yoga to warm up and then things get more serious. But you’ll feel relaxed, strong and really in your body. You need a chair, exercise mat and free weights for this unique exercise routine!

Tone muscles you never knew you had with this Total Body BARRE Class by SummerGirl Fitness. It is a 40-minute full-body exercise routine and you’ll really feel the burn, even though the moves don’t seem that intense at first. You need a chair and dumbbells.

You’ll love this Total Body Workout by Action Jacquelyn! It starts with abs & core and then you train the rest of your body – very challenging in a very, very, very good way. This barre workout is 40 minutes, you need an exercise mat and a chair.

I almost overlooked this No Equipment Barre Sculpting Workout via POPSUGAR Fitness, but luckily I did it the other day as part of my 30-Day Morning Workout Challenge. I felt relaxed, strong and energized all at the same time! This workout includes just a little bit of cardio, not too much though – just enough to get those endorphins and feel great. 2 days after I still feel it in my abs! It’s around 30 minutes and includes warm up, workout and a GREAT cool down routine! You only need an exercise mat to do this.

I hope this small collection helps you find some new ideas to change up your workout routine! Barre is really an excellent addition for anyone – beginner or advanced.

Make sure to check out the Youtube channels of the trainers as well for more awesome exercise routines and tips!

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