Morning Routine For Productivity, Health And Happiness

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If waking up early is a struggle every day, maybe it’s time for you to create a simple morning routine. Having a good plan for how you start your days is a great way to overcome the temptation of hitting snooze and sleeping in 5-minute intervals for an entire hour. So add these wonderful morning habits for productivity and happiness to your routine – they can do wonders for your health too!

I know having a set of good morning rituals in place has definitely helped me: it is the very reason you’re reading this blog right now. I believe without it I wouldn’t be able to create much in life and would just live by reaction.

So, what you’ll see below are habits that I like to have in my morning routine in order to wake up early, enhance productivity and simply live a happier life. This simple practice helps me to stay productive, healthy, joyful and calm. The entire thing takes about an hour and a half, but it’s time well spent.

The 7 morning habits can help you reduce stress, get focused and actually maintain a naturally healthy lifestyle. Even if you don’t have enough time to do everything, I’m sure you’ll find some inspiration and new ideas to transform your mornings!

I know one to two hours for a morning routine is a LOT! It is a lot of time for most of us, including myself, but it’s the morning practice that has worked for me best. I’ve tried to shortcut the routine and even though it was kinda working, but in the end it was not as effective.

So, because I’ve learned to do things thoroughly and with enthusiasm, I like to keep it this way. I think life is better when you truly commit to the right things and do them with joy. I started doing these 7 simple things in the morning around three years ago and whenever I do keep this morning routine up, I see the biggest change in my productivity, my energy, my body, my focus and my life.

So here it is.

Morning Routine For Productivity, Health And Happiness

Mornings are magical. (gif source)

1. Wake up and spend a few minutes in bed.

Think about what you want to achieve today and what you want in general from life, from this month, this week. Don’t overcomplicate it, let your mind wander a bit.

And always make an effort, to think about things more positively. For example, if I get a stressful thought in the morning, a doubt, or a worry, I simply replace it with a different thought and focus on what I’m looking forward to on that day. What’s right in front of me and not in my phone. It does take some self-control and practice, but this trick is so important to put you in a more positive mindset.

Another good thing to think about after you wake up is the things you’re thankful for. Those little things that make you smile, feel excited like a kid or bring you peace. Think about them more often. Especially right after you wake up – it can truly set the tone.

2. Make the bed and drink water.

I don’t actually have to make my bed, I don’t really HAVE to drink water, but both of these habits are good for my well-being. And because I’m a grown-up now, I know it and I simply do it.

And here’s the bigger why. There’s something about doing the right thing and understanding that you’re doing the right thing. Even when you don’t have to answer to anybody. This little exercise of discipline brings so much self-trust and self-respect with it.

So do yourself a favor and boost your self-confidence right after you wake up: Make your bed and drink water, even if nobody else is going to see or applaud you for it. This simple act will empower you to do more things that are good for you throughout the day. You might even get the courage to do the important things that seem intimidating, but are super important for your progress, peace, productivity and happiness.

3. Exercise for at least 20 minutes.

No good morning routine is complete without some exercise, especially when it comes to enhancing productivity and happiness. Exercise is proven, scientifically proven, to change your brain for the better. Making morning exercise a habit can improve your memory, your mood, prevent neurodegenerative disorders and of course improve your cardiovascular, gut and bone health.

My suggestion to make working out in the morning a habit is to keep it simple. All you need is 20 minutes and you can do it at home. There are so many good 20-minute workout videos on Youtube – pick your level and get started!

I personally love to work out after I wake up, because of how it affects the rest of my day. It sounds so annoying, but moving my body keeps me alert and helps me to stay focused and motivated throughout the day.

4. Put on uplifting music.

So, this is not something I always do, because I do love being quiet in the morning. But then again, if I have a busy day, I love to put on some uplifting music to really wake me up and put me in a great mood.

I like music from the 80s, 70s, 90’s… actually any decade. Sometimes I like Bob Marley, sometimes Stevie Wonder, sometimes Lenny Kravitz, lately it’s been “When You Believe” by Mariah Carey and Whitney Houston. And I sing along and objectively: I’m really good.

5. Shower and get ready. 

I know, we’re all busy and have gotten pretty comfortable in the last years while working from home, but how we present ourselves in front of others, and ourselves is so important. So this is another little act of self-discipline that can sky-rocket productivity and should be a part of your morning routine.

Do it, while the music is playing, take a shower and get dressed. This is a part I feel gets ignored when people talk about morning routines. It’s self-explanatory, but to me this is a time to really enjoy and to have some fun. It’s nothing to rush through.

6. Do one thing you’re always putting off.

This is an important part of a good morning routine. Work or do something that will bring you one step further on a goal you actually want to achieve. If you do this early in the day you’ll be very relieved and you’ll stop having the same constant thoughts that are “constipating” your mind.

To me usually, that thing is writing. It’s the most difficult task I need to do to bring my projects forward. Sitting there for 30-40 minutes, being focused and not all over the place, not looking at my phone or anywhere else?

It’s hard. But because it’s so hard, and because I always put it off – it’s also the most rewarding part of my day. It takes so much stress, so much pressure off of me to have done this before 9 am. I can’t even begin to explain how much better I feel for the rest of the day.

So for you, this might be learning a language, a new skill – whatever you’re putting off. Commit to doing something, finishing a small task every day to move forward with that project. You’re going to feel SO proud of yourself for the rest of the day.

7. Go out for a walk / enjoy nature for 10-20 minutes.

If there’s one thing from this list of morning habits that I never want to miss it’s spending time in nature. It’s truly rejuvenating and renewing. With all this technology I feel we’re slowly moving away from what we truly are – a part of nature. And it’s such a shame because nature can heal most, if not all, of our ailments. Whether it’s physical or mental health, spending time outside can restore both of these. We tend to hyperfocus on what is our “problem” right now, but when you look at that endless big sky – you realize, none of it actually matters in the grand scheme of things.

We’re here for a moment, so let’s make the most of it and live, enjoy and explore life like we mean it.

Give your mind these precious 15-20 minutes in nature to relax, recharge and refuel. It will thank you with new ideas and solutions that only you can come up with. Don’t listen to podcasts, music or interrupt your own thoughts with social media in the morning. Give your mind and spirit a chance to speak to you and to gain clarity. It’s the best way to increase productivity.

And that’s it. I know, this is a long morning routine, but to me, it’s definitely worth investing my time and waking up around 2 hours earlier than I need to to do all of these things. I hope some of these ideas inspire you to live a healthier, happier and more fulfilled life!

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