Homemade Healthy Granola Recipe (In A Pan)

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Last updated on March 18th, 2020 at 06:23 am

With this homemade healthy granola recipe, you’ll solve many of your everyday wonderings about what to eat…Combine it with some fruit and yogurt or milk of choice and you’ve got a healthy breakfast and dessert whenever you crave one. Made with oats, nuts, seeds and honey in a pan or skillet on the stove this easy healthy granola is gluten-free, dairy-free and comes with an easy vegan and paleo version.

All my life I’ve hated, I repeat: hated granola. And honestly breakfast cereal as a whole too. I guess that saved me from childhood obesity. And I guess the pure sugar cubes my mom would give us when we wanted something sweet were better for us than the highly processed cereal other kids who had more money were eating.

I vividly remember when I was a student, two of the people in my class started talking about granola out of nowhere when we were having a nice conversation.

You know how sometimes when you’re in a group with friends and you’re all talking and having fun and then a topic comes up and you start feeling like you’re the observer? Like you can’t participate. Well, this was worse.

Not only could I not participate, I also felt like time has stopped and I’m watching the slowest movie of all times and nothing ever is going to happen in my life again. As if you’re watching a drama or a Woody Allen movie (never got those, probably too deep for me!). BTW. Woody Allen, I know you’re an avid reader of this blog and you’re thinking about making a movie about it, don’t take this personally. It’s about your movies, not you as a person.

So that guy couldn’t stop talking about granola – dissing the commercial types and putting his own homemade granola on a pedestal. The girl did the same thing. “No, my granola is better!” “No no no, my granola is better.”

I mean, you’re 22. And you keep going.

The fact that I still remember this around 10 years later is a testament to how traumatizing this little conversation was to me. This was the only time in my life when I’ve regretted not having had a few shots of vodka by 12 pm. Or not having the courage to actually hit someone out of nowhere in the face. And I hate vodka or alcohol in general. It tastes almost the same as that guy’s homemade granola. I’m assuming.

Homemade Healthy Granola Recipe

Now this granola, it does not taste like feet. It tastes like cinnamon and nuts and seeds and honey and it’s something I’ve actually been eating a lot lately. I don’t know what came over me, I guess I just needed something different.

So I’ve been having this every day for a week now. Whenever I need breakfast, whenever I crave dessert. I put some yogurt in a bowl, that granola on top, some banana and some almond butter.

before (my attempt to decorate a bowl like a toddler)

…after (can’t belive it looks so clean!)

Life’s good.

Make Clusters!

Now, the first few times I made this granola I did not achieve the magic of clusters. The granola was super delicious, but not chunky. That guy would be pissed at me if I had made it for him.

Well, then, last time I made it I didn’t have that many oats anymore and ended up with much stickier mixture. I put it in a pan and it made clusters! It was more crunchy and chunky and I loved it as well.

So if you want a chunky granola with clusters in it – add 1/2 the oats and add maybe a tiny bit more honey. The mixture should look sticky. I didn’t write down the measurements exactly, but next time I make it I’ll write everything down.

Make It, Mmmmkay?

Now, do you need to overcomplicate your life and make the granola? Maybe. It’s easy to make and takes like 10 minutes. In case you decide you do want to make it and then bore people you don’t know well with traumatizing conversations, here’s the recipe.

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