High-Protein Green Smoothie (No Powders)

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Ready to become the Hulk? I know when I was a little girl it was my childhood dream as well. Well, now you can with this high-protein green smoothie without protein powders or any other powders. Just fruit, vegetables and some seeds.

This protein-packed vegan green smoothie recipe is a great snack idea, but can also be a great energizing start to your mornings aka you can have it for breakfast too.

When I said the Hulk, I remember I recently watched She-Hulk with my nephew. OMG, he was obsessed with this show and it scares the crap out of me. Not that I’d need it after a serving of this wonderful green smoothie. It’s full of fiber, potassium, antioxidants, omega-3’s and it tastes SO good. Like SO good. And it makes you feel amazing – fresh, clean, like you’ve just got a shot of energy into your system. But not like caffeine which makes me jittery and chaotic…It makes me feel focused, happy and just alive.

High-Protein Green Smoothie Ingredients

Before I write a novel kissing the invisible butt of this high-protein green smoothie, let’s look at what’s in it:

  • Spinach. I know, lately I’ve been all over spinach here. But it’s just such a good, healthy ingredient for green smoothies. It has a pretty neutral flavor, it’s packed with nutrients and it’s got about 3g of protein per 100g of spinach. It might not seem like a lot, but these things add up. And those 100g only have 23 calories. That said, another great green you can use here is kale – it’s got a stronger taste, but if you can handle it – it’s super nutritious and one of the healthiest foods ever.
  • Banana and Peach. We’ll use these frozen! No need for ice or sweeteners – the smoothie will become naturally cool, sweet, thick and creamy. And you get some extra potassium, fiber and magnesium.
  • Hemp seeds. You need hulled hemp seeds. I never knew this, but hemp seeds are actually one of the best vegan sources of protein. In around 100 grams/3.5oz they pack 31g of protein, which is pretty impressive for a plant. Well, at least I am impressed. I used to love adding almond butter to the smoothies, but the hemp seeds have something different and keep the smoothie light
  • Water or almond milk. Or any other type of dairy-free milk you choose! I usually use water, as i find the hemp seeds provide enough creaminess and am allergic to ready-to-buy dairy-free milk.

How To Make The High-Protein Green Smoothie

Making this high-protein green smoothie is honestly no rocket science.

All you need to do is gather all the ingredients, wash the spinach and put everything into a high-speed blender. I have a Nutribullet, fill it up – everything fits perfectly in there and blend it for like 20-30 seconds.

Sometimes, if I feel the smoothie is too thick for me, I add a bit more water and blend again. You can adjust the thickness by using water (thin it out) of more frozen fruit (make it thicker)

Meal Prep

As described, the prep for this simple high-protein green smoothie is incredibly easy. However, if you feel like you won’t have time to wash the spinach, you can portion out smoothie packs and freeze them for convenience. Pack peach, banana, spinach and hemp seeds in the bags, zip them and freeze. Then when it’s time to drin – add a bit more almond milk or water than usually and let it blend.

I must warn you though – in this case, the green smoothie will be a bit cooler and thicker. But it’s great for the summer months.

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