The Best Peach Smoothie

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Last updated on August 22nd, 2022 at 05:55 pm

Got some peaches and don’t know what to do with them? Freeze them and try this delicious peach smoothie! Made without banana, you will only need 3 basic ingredients for this healthy peach recipe.

You can make the peach smoothie with yogurt or you can make it dairy-free by using coconut milk. Either way it will be refreshing, sweet and just perfect for summer!

The Best Peach Smoothie

This peach smoothie recipe is so simple, so good, so healthy, you will want to make it every single day. This smoothie is:

  • only 3 ingredients
  • healthy
  • perfectly balanced
  • creamy
  • refreshing

Use Frozen Peaches

I’ve ignored peaches for many many years, because I thought I’m allergic. I always used to get this itch inside my throat and ears and I could never scratch enough (using my tongue) whenever I had a peach in the past. I have really bad pollen allergies and I read somewhere it’s some cross-reactivity that might happen with tree fruit and nuts. You should see me when I try to eat a raw hazelnut from the tree in my mom’s backyard. Mona Lisa got some competition.

Another reason I avoided peaches is I really didn’t see the point in eating peaches when there’s watermelon right there. Poor peaches have some competition when it’s their time to shine – strawberries, watermelon, melon, so so many delicious fruits during summer!

But this summer I found a place in my heart and mouth for peaches too – turns out I’m not (that) allergic and they’re so delicious. Now I’m a fan.

In fact, I’m such a big fan that I bought some and picked (aahhh stole) some the other day. Nobody saw. It’s peach season, they’re basically falling off the trees. What do you want me to do?

Now I got so many peaches that I froze a bag full of them and they’re absolutely perfect for the peach smoothie. When frozen, they make it creamier, thicker and so so refreshing and cooling.

With Yogurt Or Make It Dairy-Free

I know yogurt’s not cool anymore, but in the past I would always use some to make this smoothie. It’s a great and much needed addition because it balances perfectly the sweetness of the peaches.

Now that I’m eating mostly dairy-free, I actually started using coconut milk instead of yogurt. And I love it – it adds another perfect flavor to the smoothie. That of coconut. So, so delicious.

You Need 3 Ingredients For The Peach Smoothie

And the ingredients are:

  • frozen peaches
  • fresh orange juice
  • coconut milk or yogurt of choice

I also added a bit of hemp seeds for some extra protein and omega’s, but that’s totally optional.

How To Make This Tasty Peach Smoothie

Add frozen peaches to the blender cup.


Juice an orange, then add that juice + 1-2 Tbsp yogurt or third to half a cup of coconut milk to the peaches and blend away.


Blend for a minute or until the smoothie becomes super creamy and smooth.

Now you’ve got yourself a refreshing peach smoothie.

Pour into a glass and top with some thinly chopped peaches – loved these chunks as I was drinking it!

I hope you enjoy the healthy smoothie with peaches, oranges and coconut as much as I do!

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