8 Quick Fat-Burning Workouts To Help You Stay in Shape In 7 Min Or Less

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If you don’t have time to work out, but want to stay in shape, this list with quick fat-burning workouts will save you! Get fit and healthy in just a few minutes daily – 4-7 minutes is all you need to perform these short HIIT exercises. No equipment necessary, all bodyweight workouts that you can do at home, or anywhere you want.



I have these days when I strongly dislike working out. Okay, I hate it. Which is strange, because usually – I love working out. Well actually, no. I love to have worked out.

Like past tense.

As in: the workout happened already, I have no pain, feel accomplished, light and can be happy for the rest of my life.

Because after one workout, you’re done, right? “You’ve strengthened your muscles, you’ve lost all the fat and you feel and look awesome forever”.

That’s at least what I’m telling myself every single day, while I’m rolling out of bed and getting ready for my workout.

“Do it today, and tomorrow you can just rest on your laurels.”.

That’s the motto.

So even on days when I don’t feel like lifting my eyebrow, I still exercise.

At least kinda. Because I just do a mini workout.

NO, a nano-workout.

A very very very tiny workout.

Like shorter than the 10-minute workouts I already shared with you.

Because, well 10 minutes are too long, but 4-7 minutes?

Meh, I can squeeze that in between doing some important stuff on my phone or my computer.

Then after 4 minutes: I’m drowning in sweat, with a very red face (that nobody on this planet should ever see like this) feeling happy and kinda dizzy.

And this is what I want for you as well.

The joy of having worked out, even when you don’t feel like it.

And without spending more than 7 minutes for that.

This is why I created this list.

It’s a list of fat-burning workouts that you can do at home or wherever you are in 7 minutes or less (hmmm how about 4?).

You need no equipment, no preparation, no nothing.

Just some music and the willingness to put all your efforts into one tiny workout.


Sometimes 4-7 Minutes is enough

Because according to some studies (1, 2), 4-7 minutes is all you need to stay healthy and fit.

A 4-7 minute workout can improve your blood pressure and insulin resistance.

The key to these efficient workouts is working different muscle groups in the body one after another – and you do this in circuits.

So for example, after you do exercises for your butt and legs like squats, you then do something for the upper body like sit ups or push ups.

This way you allow the muscles you’ve just trained (the legs) to recover while working on another muscle group (upper body).

This is why these workouts are so efficient and can be done in such a short time.

Because you don’t need rest, you’re working the entire time at a quick pace.

That being said – if you feel you do need rest (and the 7-minute workouts tell you to do so) – don’t feel bad about it – just do it.

This time I chose printable workouts and not videos because all the videos I found on youtube were almost double length than the workout.

I don’t know about you, but I’m quite impatient and want to go straight to the workout part.

Now some of the workouts below do have videos when you click on the link, but the workouts start right away, so…don’t hesitate to play the videos.

Note, these workouts probably aren’t going to help you lose weight – you’ll need more than 7 minutes for that, mkay? I know – not cool, but it’s the reality. Also, as a rule of thumb – please always consult your doctor before doing ANY exercise, especially high-intensity workouts like the ones on this list.

Now, if you’re like me and looking for a workout to stay on track, while things in your life are moving really fast – check out the workouts below.

Make them your own by doing as many reps as you’d like, going at your own pace and adding or excluding an exercise (or two).

One Song Workout “New Romantics” Taylor Swift

Let’s start with a great full body One Song Workout by BistroMD.

This is a short and sweet HIIT workout (HIIT= high-intensity interval training) to help you burn some fat in approximately 3:51 min while listening to Taylor Swift.

If you don’t like Taylor Swift, don’t get mad – just play some other song you like for 3:51 minutes.

BistroMD recommends doing this workout throughout the day whenever you have 3-4 minutes and I think that’s a great idea, make sure it’s okay to be sweating wherever you are.

One Song Workout “Sugar” by Maroon 5

Aaaand another awesome One Song Workout by BistroMD!

This time you’ll be sweating and toning your entire body in just 3:55min while listening to Maroon 5’s song Sugar.

Again if you don’t like the song – listen to your own music.

You won’t just sweat, you’ll also be toning your arms, abs, legs and butt.

So if you have 3:55min, there’s really no excuse not to do this. Speaking of no excuses…


4-Minute, No-Excuses Workout

This 4 minute workout by Women’s Health is a great way to tone your entire body and boost your metabolism.

For this workout, you don’t need any equipment, so if you’re traveling or don’t own equipment – try it wherever you are!

Check out the instructions and find another great 4-minute workout (this time with some equipment) here.


One Song Workout – Uptown Funk

This One Song Workout by Fabletics is actually supposed to be a warm up, but hey sometimes a warm up could be a workout for me.

This one works your entire body, so no shame in doing a warm up as a workout today while listening to Bruno Mars!

Make sure you visit the link to the workout, to discover 2 more great one song workouts, that are lower intensity.


The Be-Like-Bey Workout

Now, I am far from thinking that ANY workout can turn me into Beyonce and give me her talent, confidence and money.

But you know what this Be-Like-Bey Workout by Women’s Health can do?

It can help you burn extra calories and get fit.

The workout could be 5 min or longer – it’s all your choice!


5-Minute Do-Anywhere Workout

This is so my kind of workout! I love whole-body, quick moves like jumping jacks and high knees – they make me feel great.

These moves can help you burn fat of course, but to me, the biggest benefit is that mentally I feel more positive, focused and physically I get rid of my neck and shoulder pain.

So make sure you try this 5-Minute Do Anywhere Workout by Today Show.

7-Minute HIIT Workout

Now, we arrived at the “long” workouts. 7 minutes suddenly seem really long, huh? Well, if you do have 7 minutes, try this high-intensity workout by Popsugar Fitness and make sure you check out the instructions here.

The 7-Minute Workout That Hits The Muscles You Always Forget About

Last, but definitely not least, go ahead and try this 7 Minute Full Body Workout by Greatist.

As the title says – this workout targets muscles in the body we don’t train enough.

Like the muscles of the upper and lower back. When we don’t train these muscles, we’re left with poor posture.

And even if you’re the fittest person on the planet and have millions of abs all over your body (seriously, visualize it) – a bad posture doesn’t look good on anyone.

Good posture on the other hand – looks good on everyone. And it can also improve your mood & confidence (read more about this here).

So again, go ahead and check out the instructions here.



Well, that is all my friends.

4-7 minutes is all you need sometimes to stay fit.

Remember, exercise is all about getting fit while having fun. This is the most important part.

Otherwise, you won’t be able to keep it up, even if it’s just 4 minutes.

So find the workout that’s fun for you and whenever you don’t have time, or feeling down, lazy, whatever – try one of the workouts on this list.

Also, make sure to check out my other list with short workouts – this time workouts to help you tone up in just minutes.

Think abs, butt, inner thighs, and arms – all that in 5 minutes.


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