5-Minute Tomato Cucumber Salad Recipe

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Last updated on June 29th, 2022 at 03:05 pm

Got 5 minutes? Then do something good for your body and chop the vegetables for this healthy 5-minute tomato cucumber salad recipe. All you need to do from there is add some olive oil, salt and mix! Super easy vegetable side dish recipe that is gluten free, vegan and low carb.

The Easiest Tomato Cucumber Salad Recipe

So this is pretty much the salad I make for all of my other favorite recipes – these lentil wraps, the 5-minute Mediterranean bowl and pretty much any bowl or wrap has some variation of this salad in it.

Why? Because it’s the only vegetable salad I know how to make in 5 minutes and make it taste good. No egocentric kale needing a massage, no lettuce that tastes like nothing and needs dressing to feel alive. This salad is the best thing ever.

Tomato Salad Ingredients

To make this simple healthy salad you’ll need:

  • Some ripe tomatoes. Eat with the seasons and don’t use tomatoes that aren’t really ripe. You can also use cherry tomatoes if you can’t find good ripe tomatoes.
  • A cucumber.
  • Tiny onion or scallions. Too much onion is a bit too much.
  • Parsley and arugula. You can also do any herb you want, that’s what I had in the fridge and I used a handful for this salad.
  • Olive oil and salt

How To Make This Tomato Cucumber Salad

If you can chop vegetables, you’re almost there. Because all you need after chopping the onion, cucumber, greens and tomatoes is:

  • put them into a bowl
  • pour some sugar love and olive oil on them
  • sprinkle some salt
  • mix

and that’s it! Ready.


Once you have this super basic salad, you can go crazy and add whatever you want to make it more filling and even more delicious. Here are some good additions:

  • olives (like I did!)
  • avocado
  • cooked chickpeas or beans
  • cooked quinoa
  • feta cheese
  • roasted vegetables
  • chicken or salmon
  • add lemon juice (I personally don’t like tomato salads with lemon, but that’s just me and my self-diagnosed acid reflux)
  • use other herbs like basil or dill
  • use garlic instead of onion

No Meal Prep.

This salad will spoil pretty fast because chopped tomatoes and cucumbers go bad after you blink 10 times (I hope you don’t start blinking super slow after this). However, the good thing about this recipe is that you can make it in 5 minutes. It’s like nothing.

I made this salad recently for a bowl I was preparing for dinner and this blog, it’s coming up this week, so come back later!

I hope you enjoy this recipe!

– Stella

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