Dairy Free Gluten Free Tuna Salad Recipe

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Last updated on December 13th, 2020 at 08:44 am

Have this healthy dairy free gluten free tuna salad on a piece of your favorite vegetable (cucumber was my choice) for a healthy and super easy snack!

Dairy Free Gluten Free Tuna Salad

This recipe came to be when I was making my cashew milk a few weeks months ago and had the pulp, but no desire to bake. I was craving something savory, something that was almost like lunch, but not quite. And so I made this.

I took a cucumber, sliced it and that was my snack. Thankfully, there were still some good cucumbers back then. Now they’re unrecognizable. Are you a cucumber, zucchini or mold? Couldn’t tell. But, you can also use this salad to fill lettuce, cabbage or any other leaf and call it a wrap. Or slice some carrots. I miss cucumbers.

How To Make A DF GF Tuna Salad

  • If you’re not going to make your own cashew milk, you can easily make this salad by first soaking your cashews for a few hours, removing the water and blending them until smooth.
  • Then you’ll blend in the rest of the wet ingredients plus the minced garlic and the dried herbs and spices so that you get “the sauce”.
  • The final step is to mix in the tuna, the herbs and the olives.
  • Serve on your favorite vegetable as a wrap (lettuce leaf) or a topping (e.g. on a cucumber)!


Now, if you’re allergic or not a big fan of cashews or want to make this salad really, really low carb (I know cashews aren’t considered low carb), you can use mashed avocado as well.

I’ve made a similar salad with avocado as the base, and it’s really good. The only downside for some people might be that this salad won’t look very pretty after a few days. It will get a little bit brown, but it will be tasty nevertheless. Whichever version you decide to make, I really hope you enjoy it!

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