40+ Mediterranean Diet Recipes That Take 30 Minutes Or Less

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These are over 40 easy Mediterranean diet recipes that you can make in 30 minutes or less! Packed with fresh and easy-to-find ingredients these healthy dinner ideas are refreshing, flavorful and super delicious!

Well, well, well…Mediterranean diet recipes. I love those and I definitely didn’t just google “countries in the Mediterranean” to seem educated. If you know me, even a little bit, you know anything that has garlic, basil, olives or tomatoes in it – I’d marry it in a heartbeat.

No surprise there.

“You’d marry anyone and anything that looks at you. You’re VERY pretty, but also quite desperate.”

Thank you for telling me I’m pretty. Well, today, we’re not here to talk about my sad attempts at marrying rich or just marrying to feel like I’m worth it, so I can finally afford a shampoo from Loreal. We’re here for the delicious and healthy Mediterranean diet recipes that seem to control my salivary glands.

Mediterranean Diet Benefits

The Mediterranean diet isn’t really a “diet”. It’s a way of eating and living. And it’s a really good one. Some pro’s of the Mediterranean diet include:

  • prevents cardiovascular disease, diabetes and stroke
  • is anti-inflammatory and provides a variety of antioxidants, minerals and vitamins
  • prevents cancer
  • reduces the risk of Alzheimer’s and other neurodegenerative diseases
  • can help you maintain a healthy weight
  • good for your mental health – the “diet” is easy to follow and you’re not cutting out any major food group!
  • you get to keep your friends and family! You won’t turn into a dieting robot who avoids people who eat pizza in front of them, because you’re encouraged to share your meals with others!

Mediterranean Diet Food List

The reason the Mediterranean diet is really wholesome is that the Mediterranean region is very fertile. A large variety of fruits, vegetables, legumes, whole grains, seeds, nuts naturally grow in the area.

Hope I’m not offending anyone but compared to what, for example, Germany has to offer in that department – which is potatoes, this plant abundance is what makes the Mediterranean diet so damn healthy and delicious!

Currently, most of us have access to many of the foods that can be found in the Mediterranean. Thanks, globalization!

But if you’re new to it, here are some foods that you can probably find in the store (or your garden!)

  • Vegetables: tomatoes, cucumbers, zucchini, eggplant, arugula, spinach, broccoli, avocado, greens, potatoes, onion, peppers
  • Fruit: lemons, oranges, strawberries, raspberries, peaches, apples, plums
  • Whole grains & legumes: rice, bulgur, chickpeas, beans, lentils, barley, oats
  • Nuts and seeds: almonds, walnuts, pistachios, sunflower seeds, sesame seeds
  • Protein: poultry, eggs, cheese, yogurt, fish and seafood
  • Herbs and spices: garlic, basil, mint, parsley, coriander, saffron, rosemary, oregano, cinnamon
  • Healthy Fats: Olive oil, olives, avocado
  • And important for some – WINE (I personally hate wine, but this isn’t about moi)

Mediterranean Diet Recipe List

To get you started here are over 40 quick and easy Mediterranean diet recipes that I have tried and loved! They’re not traditional Mediterranean dishes, but they’re good dishes full of those beautiful flavors. Here’s a list of the recipe links (if you don’t feel like scrolling) and below you’ll find the recipe images to scroll through.

  1. Mediterranean Salmon Bowl
  2. 5-Minute Mediterranean Bowl
  3. Healthy Chickpea, Feta And Chickpea Salad
  4. Healthy Shredded Chicken and Veg Bowls
  5. Mediterranean Salmon Salad
  6. Quinoa, Feta & Roasted Veg Salad
  7. Mediterranean Black Bean And Feta Salad
  8. Tuna Chickpea Salad Recipe
  9. Greek Meatball Bowls
  10. Mediterranean Chickpea Wraps
  11. Greek Chicken Wrap
  12. Pesto Parmesan Chicken Wraps
  13. Mediterranean Salmon Wraps
  14. Evolved Lentil Wraps
  15. Mediterranean Lettuce Wraps
  16. Mediterranean Chicken Skillet
  17. Shrimp and Calamari in Tomato Garlic Sauce
  18. Spicy Shrimp and Quinoa
  19. Amazing Rice and Calamari
  20. Mediterranean Beef and Rice
  21. Tomato and Basil Quinoa Risotto
  22. Mediterranean Chickpea Skillet
  23. Bulgur, Red Lentil & Butternut Squash Skillet
  24. Low-Carb Garlic Squid Recipe
  25. Rice and Spinach Recipe
  26. Green Beans, Feta and Tomato Skillet
  27. Chickpea Dinner Recipe
  28. Crustless Tuna Quiche
  29. 5-Minute Chickpea Bruschetta
  30. Lentil Salad Dip Recipe
  31. Easy Pizza Quesadilla
  32. Grilled Veggie Pita
  33. Mashed Chickpea Bruschetta
  34. 20-Minute Chickpea Soup
  35. Red Lentil, Bulgur and Spinach Soup
  36. Homemade Chicken Barley Soup
  37. Super Fresh Quinoa Tabbouleh
  38. The Best Tomato Cucumber Salad
  39. Tomato Chickpea Salad
  40. Avocado, Tomato and Arugula Salad
  41. Tomato, Garlic and Chickpea Salad
  42. Mediterranean Quinoa Salad With Avocado
  43. Tzatziki
  44. Hummus
  45. Paleo Vegan Herby “Cream Cheese” (no cream cheese used!)
  46. Zucchini in Garlic Sauce
  47. Feta Appetizer
  48. Roasted Pepper and Feta Appetizer

Mediterranean Diet Bowls Recipes

If you love your food served in a bowl, as much as I do, here are some of the most delicious easy Mediterranean diet recipes you can make!

1. Mediterranean Salmon Bowl. This is one of my most popular and loved Mediterranean diet recipes. The bowls are filled with pan-seared salmon, broccoli, hummus, olives all layed on a bed of an incredible cabbage salad. I know, an unexpected combo, but a real keeper.

2. 5-Minute Mediterranean Bowl. Another super popular and loved recipe on my blog.These simple bowls are plant-based and gluten free and filled with a refreshing tomato cucumber salad, chickpeas, cooked quinoa, but the best part are definitely the hummus and tzatziki! SO good and definitely a must-make recipe!

3. Healthy Chickpea, Feta And Chicken Salad. The ingredients for this super satisfying salad include canned chickpeas, cherry tomatoes, chicken, garlic and olives.

4. Healthy Shredded Chicken and Veg Bowls. The ingredients for this one include shredded chicken, pan-roasted vegetables, olives and some tomato cucumber salad.

5. Mediterranean Salmon Salad – make it in no time using cooked salmon, roasted red peppers, feta cheese and arugula!

6. Quinoa, Feta & Roasted Veg Salad. If you’ve got some cooked quinoa, roasted vegetables, feta, arugula and cherry tomatoes this delicious salad can be yours in 5 minutes!

7 Black Bean And Feta Salad. Got some canned black beans? Then you need to try this delicious high-fiber high-protein salad for lunch.

8. Chickpea Tuna Salad Recipe. Yes, this is another one of those 10-minute Mediterranean salads that you can make by opening some cans and chopping some vegetables.

9. Greek Meatball Bowls. If you like to be prepared for the week, these meal prep bowls are for you!

Healthy Mediterranean Diet Wraps Recipes

Another way I like my food – when it’s wrapped in some bread. I guarantee you’ll become a fan of these easy Mediterranean diet wrap recipes as soon as you try them!

10. Mediterranean Chickpea Wraps. You don’t need to make falafels if you’re feeling not hyper motivated. Instead, make these chickpea wraps – you’ll love them.

11. Greek Chicken Wrap. Got some rotisserie chicken that you’d like to use up? Pack it into these delicious Greek-inspired wraps – you can make them in around 20 minutes!

12. Pesto Parmesan Chicken Wraps. Yet another great option for that leftover chicken! If you’ve got some pesto, spinach and zucchini these wraps can be in your hands within 15 minutes!

13. Mediterranean Salmon Wraps are filled with baked salmon, a garlicky sauce and a fresh summer salad. Simple, but so good!

14. Evolved Lentil Wraps. If you want to add more lentils and more plant-based recipes to your weekly menu, these incredible wraps are for you! Super flavorful and quite easy to make!

15. Mediterranean Lettuce Wraps. And if you want to lighten up your wraps, use lettuce instead of bread. These chicken lettuce wraps are like a lightened up low-carb version of a gyro!

Easy One-Pan Mediterranean Diet Recipes

If your goal is to only wash one pan tonight, then these easy Mediterranean diet dinner recipes are what you need!

16. Mediterranean Chicken Skillet. Looks and sounds unusual, but this dish tastes incredible!

17. Shrimp and Calamari in Tomato Garlic Sauce – enjoy this one with whole grain rice, pasta or your favorite bread!

18. Spicy Shrimp and Quinoa. Other than some cooked grains you’ll need shrimp, zucchini, tomatoes and garlic in order to make this tasty dinner!

19. One-Pan Rice and Calamari. If you’ve got some calamari in your freezer, this deliciousness is your sign to make them for dinner.

20. Mediterranean Beef and Rice. Green beans, minced beef and rice are some of the ingredients in this simple dinner recipe!

21. Tomato and Basil Quinoa Risotto. If you’ve got some cooked quinoa, this tasty “risotto” can be yours in 10 minutes!

22. Mediterranean Chickpea Skillet. This quick and easy dinner is packed with fiber and plant protein and is great with some bread, salad and avocado!

23. Bulgur, Red Lentil & Butternut Squash Skillet. Ever had bulgur? If the answer is no, it’s time to try it with this simple flavorful plant-based recipe!

24. Garlic Squid Recipe. This squid recipe is SO good! Besides the squid, you’ll need some tomato paste, garlic, lemon juice, olives, Parmesan cheese and arugula.

25. One-Pan Spinach And Rice. This is the type of recipe you make when spinach is in season – it’s the perfect healthy comfort food!

26. Mediterranean Green Bean Skillet. You will never look at green beans the same after making this delicious skillet full of feta cheese, garlic, tomatoes and herbs. SO, so tasty!

27. Mediterranean Chickpea Dinner is a 15-minute recipe you can make with canned chickpeas that is incredibly quick, filling and flavorful!

Toasts, Sandwiches And Pies

For those times when you want to eat without utensils – these Mediterranean diet recipes are a must-try!

28. Crustless Tuna Quiche. It’s pretty amazing how easiy this quiche comes together…probably because you don’t even need to make a crust for it. Simply add all the ingredients to a bowl, mix them real good and then bake! This recipe is a great breakfast or lunch idea!

29. 5-Minute Chickpea Bruschetta. If you thought we were done with the canned chickpea recipes, you’re very wrong. But, you’ll also be happy if you make the topping for this amazing 5-minute chickpea bruschetta. It’s super satisfying and great in wraps as well!

30. Lentil Salad Dip Recipe. Got some leftover lentils? Then you can make this delicious healthy lentil dip packed with vegetables, olives, herbs and feta cheese! It’s great on some toasted bread.

31. Easy Pizza Quesadilla. This is the perfect recipe to make when you don’t have much in your fridge. I usually make something like this at the end of the week, when all I’ve got are some gluten-free tortillas, cheese, tomatoes and half-eaten zucchini. Do not be fooled by the simplicity, because this quesadilla is delicious!

32. Grilled Veggie Pita. Use grilled or pan-seared summer vegetables like eggplant, zucchini or peppers to make these wonderful pitas. You can use any type of bread, even tortillas and turn this into a sandwich, wrap or a vegan quesadilla.

33. Mashed Chickpea Bruschetta. Got a food processor? Great you can easily make this tasty topping in about 5 minutes. If you don’t have a food processor, just mash the chickpeas using a fork or a masher and thinly chop the other ingredients – the recipe is definitely worth it! Makes a great lunch or snack!

Mediterranean Soups

If you’re in need of Mediterranean diet recipes that you can enjoy during winter – try these soups!

34. 20-Minute Chickpea Soup Recipe. Told you the chickpea recipes aren’t going away! Use a can and make this amazing warming soup that is perfect for any season, but especially comforting during fall or winter season.

35. Red Lentil, Bulgur and Spinach Soup. Super hearty and filling vegan soup! Some of the ingredients include lentils, bulgur, spinach and onions. You might think it’s too simple, but you’ll want to eat this soup again and again and again.

36. Homemade Chicken Barley Soup. No food in this world can be more comforting than chicken soup! Like it’s the real deal. You can’t convince me otherwise. And this is the chicken soup that I absolutely LOVE. It’s packed with protein and real natural healthy ingredients like barley, carrots, potatoes and mint. You will need a bit more time to make this soup, but it’s worth it and you can enjoy it for several days!

Mediterranean Side Dish Recipes

Don’t get me wrong, I love souvlaki and grilled fish as much as everyone else, but my favorite part of any dinner table are the sides and appetizers. They’re actually the main stars of the show. So, here are some of my personal favorite Mediterranean diet recipes when it comes to sides and appetizers.

37. Super Fresh Quinoa Tabbouleh. If you’re not familiar, Tabbouleh is a type of salad made with thinly chopped parsley, onion, tomatoes and soaked bulgur. It’s a traditional dish in Syria, Lebanon, Jordan and Egypt and is served as part of a meze. To make the recipe gluten-free I used quinoa and not bulgur and added a few other herbs to the mix. Result – a super fresh side dish that goes well with falafels, grilled meat or fish!

38. The Best Tomato Cucumber Salad. Tomato cucumber salad has been pretty much the only salad I knew almost my entire life and this version is the best.

39. Tomato Chickpea Salad. This amazing tomato-based salad is the perfect side dish! Pair it with some hummus, tzatziki and some grilled vegetables and you will be super satiated from the appetizers alone!

40. Avocado, Tomato and Arugula Salad. I love a good vegetable salad. And let me tell you – this one’s the best as it’s full of my favorites: cucumbers, tomatoes, arugula, avocado and basil.

41. Tomato, Garlic and Chickpea Salad. Another way to combine chickpeas and tomatoes! This simple salad is full of flavor and makes a refreshing side that you can bring to a barbecue party.

42. Quinoa Summer Salad With Avocado. This is the perfect, more filling side dish for summer! You can make the salad with quinoa or leftover bulgur, rice or even millet.

Mediterranean Diet Appetizers

It’s time for the last section in our collection of easy Mediterranean diet recipes! Truly saving the best for last, because all of these appetizers can make most of the dishes above even better!

43. Tzatziki is a wonderful Greek garlicky sauce or dip, that goes really well with bread, vegetables, potatoes and grilled meat or fish. And lucky for us both, it’s super easy to make! All you need to do is mix Greek yogurt with salt, minced garlic and a thinly chopped cucumber. If you’re dairy-free – follow the cashew-based recipe in the link.

44. Hummus. You can always go an buy hummus at most stores these days, but I love making it at home. You can add only the things you like and leave out whatever you don’t like. Plus it’s cheaper. All you need are canned chickpeas, tahini, lemon juice, salt and garlic.

45. Paleo Vegan Herby “Cream Cheese”. Let’s get this straight – there’s no actual cream cheese in the recipe, it’s vegan and made out of sunflower seeds. Nevertheless, this recipe is the perfect addition to wraps and is great as a dip as well.

46. Zucchini in Garlic Sauce. The name says it all: it’s basically sauteed zucchini smothered in a yogurt garlic sauce. This is one of my favorite ways to eat zucchini during summer!

47. Feta Appetizer is a simple, 3-ingredient recipe that is great with raw vegetables, added to bowls or to wraps!

48. Roasted Peppers and Feta Dip. This dip is a must-make when you’ve got some roasted peppers, especially at the end of the summer. It’s perfectly balanced, super easy to make and great with bread or grilled meat.

How To Meal Prep For The Week

If you don’t have much time to cook on weekdays, it’s a good idea to make some of these Mediterranean diet recipes ahead of time. Many of them can be stored in the fridge for 3-5 days – just use airtight meal prep containers.

I personally love making ahead my 5-Minute Mediterranean Bowl and the Mediterranean Salmon Bowl. Follow the instructions of the individual recipes, so that your food stays fresh for more than a day!

Also, I have a collection of meal prep Mediterranean recipes that you can find here.

For More Healthy Recipes

If you need more healthy, fast and easy delicious recipes that are in line with the Mediterranean diet, make sure to check out my clean eating recipe binder. It has over 100 tasty and quick healthy recipes, useful printables like a meal planner, healthy habit trackers, a recipe card and more to help you build healthy habits, stay organized in the kitchen and maybe build your own recipe binder? Why not, imagine having all those delicious recipes printed and organized in a binder! You can find the clean eating recipe binder here, be sure to use the code NTB20 to get 20% off.

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