A Super Effective & Simple Tip To Destroy Cravings

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This post is about a very simple way to get rid of bad cravings – it’s how I stopped drinking coffee in the past and it works for sugar addiction as well.



Sometimes, in very rare, extreme, cases I crave a salad.

Mostly though, I drink cappuccino instead of ANYTHING. Iron deficiency it is, then.

We all have them…those unhealthy cravings. The cravings that make us want that certain food so bad, that we don’t even know whether we like it when we finally have it. The cravings that don’t let us get enough of that food. Just one more and I’m doing a detox.

For my dad and sister – it’s good old sugar.

So because it’s universally known that too much coffee and too much sugar don’t lead to glowing skin, flat belly and perfect health, last year I decided to do something against my unhealthy cravings.

I made a very simple, easy promise to myself:

Today, I will drink a sip of water, when I want a cappuccino.

The first hour I actually kept this promise, I drank a sip almost every minute. It felt so unnatural to drink something cold when all I wanted was a warm and creamy cappuccino.


You’d be surprised: water doesn’t taste the same as cappuccino.


But I kept going.

My bottle for the rest of my working day was empty within that first hour. All I wanted was to go & get that cappuccino, get it over with. But getting water was easier.

I went to the bathroom 2 times the next hour. And I had to refill my water bottle again.

But then the magic kicked in.

I stopped craving coffee. I actually craved water now. And anything that contained water – like fruits and vegetables.


When Sushi’s Enough


I remember, I was invited for sushi that day, a day I’ve been looking forward to for a week! I always considered sushi a healthy option and I could never say no to sushi. But I always felt like sushi’s not enough for lunch and I’ll need some other dish with it.

That day, sushi was enough.

I went back to work and I was more focused and efficient than ever.

All of a sudden I had this whole energy – without changing my diet, without working out, without spending days planning and meal prepping. And without being a different person.

I was me, just properly hydrated.

And I guess when I’m properly hydrated I don’t crave crap.


The Get Rid Of Cravings Challenge



Now after all the fallings off wagons, it’s time to do it again!

Let’s get those water bottles filled and get those unhealthy cravings under control.

Whatever unhealthy food you just can’t say good bye to, promise yourself:

I’ll have a sip of water, whenever I crave ______

Try that for a day and see how you feel, let me know!

Did you feel better? Or did you give in and ate that food that takes over your mind?


Now a little warning…I’m sharing my experience here, but we’re all different. While I felt better – if you have a condition, drinking too much water can be dangerous for you. So if you’re not sure, please, do consult your doctor before you try this! 

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