7-Day At Home Workout Plan To Lose Weight | Part II

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Give this 7-day workout plan a try if you want to lose weight, have fun and build a strong, flexible body. You can do all the exercises at home and you need almost no equipment.

I hope you enjoyed the workouts from last week, if you did, you’ll love this week’s plan!

The goal for this workout routine is to burn calories while having fun, to build muscle for a strong lean body, to improve your posture. Most of all we’re doing this to be more confident, alert, to reduce pain and to feel stronger, better overall.

The exercise plan includes:

  • 3 cardio dance/zumba workouts
  • pilates workout
  • ballet workout
  • barre workout
  • yoga workout

And yes, we’ll be, again, working out every day again for around 30min (Monday is 17min, Thu is 40min). It’s best to do your workouts in the morning, for the simple reason you’re more likely to do it.

So if possible, wake up early and start your day with this workout plan. You’ll feel amazing for the rest of the day.


  • a yoga or pilates mat: get a good one at an affordable price here
  • workout clothes you feel good in
  • connection to high-speed internet to play Youtube videos for around 30 min a day
  • around 30 min a day
  • proper foot wear for the dance/zumba classes

Please consult with your doctor, before starting this or any other exercise regimen! 

7-Day At Home Workout Routine To Lose Weight | Part II


This cardio hip hop workout will train your entire body – legs, shoulders, back and you’ll be burning some calories. Not bad for 17 minutes. You’ll do 5 different hip hop moves in intervals and to be honest with you, I was sweating about half-way through.


Now this pilates workout by Boho Beautiful is great for the abs, especially the lower-abs and the inner thighs.


Have fun and burn calories with this zumba / dance workout by Linda Eder. It’s good to see that people from all shapes and ages can do these moves, not just fitness models.


This ballet training by Sweaty Betty is one of my favorite routines. It makes you sweat, you’re strengthening your entire body and improving your posture – it’s a great feeling!


This full-body dance workout will make you sweat and at the end you’ll know an entire dance routine by Body By Simone and POPSUGAR Fitness.


This barre workout by Holabird Sports will tone your abs, arms, thighs and butt.


Stretches for tight and sore muscles by Yoga TX…On Sunday – take a break, relax and just stretch everything!

Tomorrow I’ll be back with a COMPLETE beginner’s plan. Because if you’re a complete beginner, you might not be able to do all these workouts yet.

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